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Statistics is The Main Tool to Perform Six Sigma Project

statistic for improvement Of the various methods in plant improvement, Six Sigma is one of improvement by using statistical methods as the main tool to analyze and produce data that is the result of improvement. So, what is meant by statistics here. Statistics is a branch of mathematics devoted to learning about these data have been learned since elementary school. Because of the importance of statistical science is the statistical program is taught in every school curriculum from primary school to university faculty who become their own, because the breadth of knowledge learned. In applications in industry statistics are indispensable for the improvement process to improve quality and productivity. In general, the statistics are defined as follows: 1. The science That deals with the c ollection, classification, analysis, and interpretation of numerical facts and data 2. That language describes and analyze the physical variability of a process

Six Sigma analysis tools: Diagram of CE/CNX | Cause and Effect | Constant-Noise-Experiment Diagram

Next tools are often used to analyze six sigma is a diagram of the CE / CNX or better known as Fish Bone diagram or Isikawa diagrams. The use and characteristics of fish bone diagram is – Used to analyze the causes of a problem and finding the roots of existing problems – Describe in detail the causes of the problem down to the smallest. – The cause and effect diagram shows the systematic relationship Between a fixed result and the related causes. – This diagram can be said the version details of the IPO diagram where each component in the IPO seen again the parts are more detailed. – In general diagram of the CE / CNX is usually produced from the discussion / brainstorming.

Six Sigma Should be Presented with the Process Flow Diagram

Many things are done in running a project including project development six sigma quality, the way to do it requires a systematic measures and targeted to produce a directional well. It is therefore necessary that the raw sequence that could indicate the activities that need to be done. In any production process standardization process flow is needed to serve as guidelines for new and old employees. Because if there is no standardization of the work of each worker will look chaotic and irregular, although the end result is the same. In the end that feels is waste which caused the inequality standard work each worker.

IPO Diagram to Explain the Relationship of Input, Process and Output in Six Sigma Analysis

IPO Diagram is often used for the analysis of six sigma. In a simple diagram of an IPO can be shown in the picture beside. This diagram to easily illustrate the relationship of input, process and output. This graph provides a clear explanation of the inputs used and outputs must be generated by each function. This diagram is often used as a means of program documentation. In broad outline can be explained that the input data shows that will be used by the process. The process itself is the steps used to solve problems that illustrate the working of the function. While output is a data item produced or modified by the steps in the process. The diagram has a standard IPO called 1E 5M (Man, Machine, Method, Materials, Measurement and Environment). Which describe in detail the ways and factors that affect the manufacturing system in general. While the expected output is the productivity and quality are better aligned with the main objective of Six Sigma to deliver goods more quickly in the

Variation in Six Sigma and Synchronization Between the Department

As explained earlier that the main goal of six sigma is to reduce variation. Reducing variation is not only related to the customer department. Reduction of variation must begin market research. Each department must apply the same thing. Just as the research department, the department is a variable that emerged such as the many levels of customer requested product variations, many variations of the cost required to conduct surveys and so forth. Having focused on the variation with a more narrow range, the next step is to synchronize the results of research with the next process. The analysis of whether market research can be well-received by the designers of the product. Various variations in the market should be focused on one or more products that have a high level of demand. Next is the product design process is applicable to existing manufacturing systems.

Six Sigma is the Project Reducing Variation

The average delivery time of electronic products from Singapore to the USA is 6 days. There are many corporate customers in the USA. Although an average of 6 days, at the customer side there has ever received the goods on day ten, but some are receive the item 4 days, two days faster than expected. There is also up to 21 days of goods not yet reached the hands of the customers. For example, the service at fast food restaurants, the average time of presentation is 5 minutes. But there who have had the service up to 15 minutes food was not ready. There are also 3 minutes are ready, anyone ever get the service up to 25 minutes. Such example is the service time variation and, if averaged over 5 minutes.

Structured Methods of Six Sigma: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control

Implementation of Six Sigma statistical phases have a structured and neat. The dominance of the use of statistical science in the analysis of data is a hallmark of Six Sigma projects. Stages of implementation of Six Sigma is as follows: Define At this stage the executive team sought to identify problems, identify customer specifications and determine the goals and targets six sigma project. The intended target may be a target of zero defects, cost reduction targets, a target date and target provision of goods in accordance with the requested capacity.

DMAIC, the Black Belt and Team Executing : Foundations of Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a method that is very neat and well structured. Structure in Six Sigma projects covering the steps called DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control). In the implementation of the project and implementation of six sigma, quality project success is highly dependent on the facilitator who understands both management and statistics. The facilitator is often called the Black Belt Furthermore, holding the most important part is the team that implementing six sigma project . This executive team must be formed in such a solid to produce fresh ideas and smart and could create the applicable standards and be accountable.

Six Sigma Concept: Race Became the Fastest

One of the six sigma concept in order to meet customer satisfaction is to be the fastest in providing and delivering goods. Trust business will be established if the supply of goods on time and not late. User company product / customer who is not an end user is also being chased time to produce their own products. For example, mobile companies are also customers of the company resistive Plate. Mobile pursue the target company to meet market demand, if there is delay in the production will be messy Besides the issue of delay caused by the production process, problems that often arise in terms of product delivery speed is the problem of delivery by freight forwarding companies associated with the distance and speed of delivery transportation. Selection of the proper delivery of services into separate items that need attention, because if one chose the company will cause a bad effect on our company’s reputation in the eyes of customers

Six sigma to Win the Competition: Better, Faster and Cheaper

Lots of methods used to raise the quality of the product, with the aim that its products can be accepted by the market and get the customer as much as possible. Competition among companies would be faced by all companies throughout the world. Therefore, competition demands that all organizations and companies must be increasingly innovative in meeting customer requirements. Complaints from customers is the beginning of distrust towards our corporate customers and is an indication of the company going bankrupt. Defects, waste in the production process to delivery into the problems facing everyday. Making zero of defects and eliminate waste in the core of quality improvement activities. Defect not simply mean the product is damaged or not used. In the concept of six sigma defect all the things that do not meet the standard can be called a defect. Production schedules that exceed the specified time targets are also called defect, workers working late also called defect, diameter bolts tha

Six Sigma: Improvement is Always Pursuing perfection

Every improvement project does not necessarily make a system or product to be perfect. In fact almost impossible to say perfect. Perfection of a product varies greatly and is affected by many things, such as the level of demand for goods that are always changing; always upgrade the production machine with a new type, raw materials such as the tarpaulin material , different from many suppliers and many more things. However, six sigma project commitments is to always pursue perfection, which means reducing the defect in the process, reducing waste in production and management and make products according to customer demand. Achieving “Zero defects” or the achievement of the lack of absence of defects and errors in the product requires a great effort involving all stakeholders in the company. To achieve product excellence there are several factors that influence it.

Six Sigma Must be Supported by the Proactive Management

Each project is associated with quality will be more effective if supported by all parties within the company. The support can be referred to financial support, ideas, support facilities to facilitate the conduct of research. Director of the company is the most important person who has broad authority and decision-makers of the highest in the company. As the most influential person must be a major icon in Six Sigma projects. Support from the director / head of the company will be a strong motivation to drive Six Sigma projects. All forms of support will facilitate the implementation of the project. Just as Six Sigma was first initiated by Motorola Corporation that was driven by one engineer named Bill Smith got the full support of CEO Bob Galvin.

Six Sigma is Collaboration All Component

Six Sigma is a great project to make improvements. Six sigma will be achieved if there is interference from all sides in a single manufacturing system. All components of the company must take part in the implementation of six sigma. To obtain optimal results six sigma collaborate with anyone in the company. Between operators with supervisors, between supervisors with the manager and so forth. as well as 5s, if all involved then the stronger the relationship between employees and the faster the target is reached. continued….

Six Sigma Focus On Process, Management and Improvement

Sig sigma project is not just data processing, and summarized the improvements recommended in the hope of raising the quality of products according to customer requirements requested. Furthermore six sigma method users should also understand very well the production process that will be the improvement project. In detail the characteristics of a production machine, (if applicable with the means of production), work rules and activities of the operator. The main objective of Six Sigma is a customer get a quality product, but its implementation remains focused on the process of a product in production. Our ability to understand the process that became the main target is to help smooth and improve the final outcome of this project. Ability to identify problems in production, Determining the variable-variable as the basis for data analysis, make appropriate analytical model for the relevant data and provide alternative solutions to the items believed to be the source of the problem.

Management of Six Sigma is Based on Data and Facts

Trust of customers will be awakened by our sincerity in providing settlement and arguments based on real data and accurate data. As we all know that in business there complaints in the process of business relationship between the manufacturer and customer. Most important is the management of these complaints have to be a momentum to each other to provide solutions based on the actual situation. The emphasis in the provision of argumentation is the provision of accurate data against errors that occur later presented scientifically and logically all matters relating to production.

Customers are the Main Target of Six Sigma Projects

End of a quality product is just a regular customer value. Product quality is not the product of the prestigious, has high artistic value, an attractive design and arrangement of the complex. But in the world of manufacturing and business, said product quality if they meet the necessary criteria of customers. If customers ask for products with type A and certain designs are then manufactured products as requested. Customers not only the buyer, who only need the product, purchase and complete. But more than that the buyer is the king who must be served. As a manufacturer of a company should be able to deliver products that comply with the qualifications required by the customer.

Measure and monitor customer satisfaction and enterprise customers

There are several methods that can be used every company to measure and monitor customer satisfaction and enterprise customers. : 1 . System of complaints and suggestions A customer-focused company that makes its customers to provide suggestions, their opinions and complaints. Media in use include a suggestion box in place in strategic places , providing comment card and a dedicated phone line from phone systems Sydney . But because these methods tend to be passive , it is difficult to get a complete picture of contentment and customer satisfaction. Not all dissatisfied customers will then deliver them directly. Just switch to another company and not the company will be a customer again. 2. Customer satisfaction survey Generally a lot of research on customer satisfaction in a survey done by using either by post , telephone or personal interview . Measurement of customer satisfaction through this method can be done in various ways, among others: 1. Directly Reported Satisfaction Measu

Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction ( Customer Satisfaction) is determined by the customer’s perception of the performance of the product or service to meet customer expectations . Customers are satisfied when expectations are met or will be very satisfied if match customer expectations . In determining customer satisfaction , there are five factors that must be considered by the company ( Lupyoadi , 2001) , among others : 1. Quality of the product , ie customers will be satisfied if their results show that they are using quality products . 2. Quality of care or services , the customer will be satisfied when they get good service or as expected . 3. Emotions , ie customers will feel proud and get the belief that someone else will be amazed to him when using products with certain brands that tend to have higher levels of satisfaction . Satisfaction obtained not because of the quality of the product but the social or self- esteem that makes customers feel satisfied with a particular brand . 4. Price ,

Customer satisfaction is very dependent on the perceptions and expectations

General understanding about customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction is the result of the differences between consumer expectations with the performance perceived by consumers. Various definitions of customer satisfaction that has been researched and defined by marketing experts , it can be concluded that customer satisfaction is a behavioral response consumers in the form of after- purchase evaluation of a good or service that feels ( product performance ) compared to consumer expectations . Customer satisfaction is very dependent on the perceptions and expectations of the consumers themselves . The factors that influence perceptions and expectations of consumers when making a purchase of goods or services is the need and desire felt by the consumer when purchasing a product or service , past experience when consuming goods or services and the experience of friends who have consume the goods or services and advertising . In the competitive environment , the indicators that can demonst

Factors that affect customer perceptions and expectations

Each manufacturer has always expect customer satisfaction in business activity. Because customer satisfaction indicates successful production of any company. However, manufacturers must know the factors that affect customer perceptions and expectations.   1. Needs and desires relating to the perceived customer when he was trying to make a deal with a manufacturer / supplier of the product (the company). If at that time the needs and wishes, hopes or expectations customers will also be high, and vice versa. 2. Past experience (past) when consuming products of the company and its competitors competitors. 3. The experience of friends, where they will tell the quality of the product to be purchased by the customer. This obviously affects the perception of the customer, especially on products that perceived high risk. 4. Communication through advertising and marketing also influences customer perception. People in sales and advertising should not create excessive campaign through customer e