As explained earlier that the main goal of six sigma is to reduce variation. Reducing variation is not only related to the customer department. Reduction of variation must begin market research. Each department must apply the same thing. Just as the research department, the department is a variable that emerged such as the many levels of customer requested product variations, many variations of the cost required to conduct surveys and so forth. Having focused on the variation with a more narrow range, the next step is to synchronize the results of research with the next process.

The analysis of whether market research can be well-received by the designers of the product. Various variations in the market should be focused on one or more products that have a high level of demand. Next is the product design process is applicable to existing manufacturing systems.

Products that have been designed based on the research should be in production without causing new problems. Focus on the variation can be useless if not applied to existing production. Synchronization between production machinery and product design becomes very important in lean six sigma. However, good design must also be executed correctly. Go to generate a new variable that makes the problem in production.

Having produced over the next needs to be synchronized with sales and distribution department. In this department directly related to the customer. This Department is very strict attention to producing excellent service. Reducing variation of delivery time, loading and unloading and so forth.

More and more variations of the more difficult the process of synchronization from process to process. For that in one department should be strict controls on products that will run and should have a responsibility to create standards in order to reduce variation. To be on the next process will be easier. So that meant a wider customer, each process is a customer of the previous process as well as suppliers for the next process.