Every improvement project does not necessarily make a system or product to be perfect. In fact almost impossible to say perfect. Perfection of a product varies greatly and is affected by many things, such as the level of demand for goods that are always changing; always upgrade the production machine with a new type, raw materials such as the tarpaulin material, different from many suppliers and many more things. However, six sigma project commitments is to always pursue perfection, which means reducing the defect in the process, reducing waste in production and management and make products according to customer demand.

Achieving “Zero defects” or the achievement of the lack of absence of defects and errors in the product requires a great effort involving all stakeholders in the company. To achieve product excellence there are several factors that influence it.

Human factors

Human resources within the company plays an important role in production operations, and therefore must be corrected in terms of skill, awareness, lean manufacturing, 5s awareness, and awareness of quality. Human factor is the factor contributing most to the quality of the products. Although all machines work automatically but if your machine does not have sufficient knowledge and expertise for products, lean manufacturing, machine operating skills, solve problems and take action then the final result of the product will not be perfect as expected.

Factors machine

Machine has the characteristic that is more stable than the products made manually by human hands. To achieve product perfection machine must be maintained and operated according to standards set. Regular maintenance is the key factor to make the machine in the best condition in producing goods. Care must be scheduled by daily, weekly, monthly and annual maintenance.
In addition, how the operation must also comply with work procedures that have been determined.

Factor method used

Error procedures and working methods are also often a problem in production that can generate product tida perfectly. In the process of achieving the method used is an important process. It is necessary to standardize the method previously conducted research to find ways workmanship, the most optimal working procedures

Material used factor

Material used should be selected quality materials if you want a quality product. If the elements of building quality products it are automatically generated will be quality products. In addition to the treatment of the material also must be considered

Setting and measurement

Setting and measuring on the machine must be performed by an experienced workforce, because if one little setting defective that it will happen a lot because automated machines produce en masse.

The factors mentioned above should be a concern to achieve product perfection desired by the manufacturer or by the customer. Zero defective is a tough job if every component However the company would work hard to achieve and supported by appropriate methods, near-perfect product that will afford him. Six Sigma is just the way of the many methods used as tools to achieve perfection (Zero Defect)