Six Sigma is a method that is very neat and well structured. Structure in Six Sigma projects covering the steps called DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control). In the implementation of the project and implementation of six sigma, quality project success is highly dependent on the facilitator who understands both management and statistics. The facilitator is often called the Black Belt

Furthermore, holding the most important part is the team that implementing six sigma project. This executive team must be formed in such a solid to produce fresh ideas and smart and could create the applicable standards and be accountable.

Team members must come from various backgrounds and various departments that are interconnected (Cross-functional Team), because it is expected to solve problems of various hypothetical problems that exist in production. The problem will be quickly answered if the team members come from a wide range of expertise and specialization. For example there is a problem on a worn engine, then the machine and direct maintenance can identify and take action. So if there are problems in the material, workers and others.

In the end a solid team who understand the basic concepts of lean manufacturing, understand the techniques of data analysis and understanding of the processes that will be improved, will be able to complete the task improvement using six sigma.