Sig sigma project is not just data processing, and summarized the improvements recommended in the hope of raising the quality of products according to customer requirements requested. Furthermore six sigma method users should also understand very well the production process that will be the improvement project. In detail the characteristics of a production machine, (if applicable with the means of production), work rules and activities of the operator.

The main objective of Six Sigma is a customer get a quality product, but its implementation remains focused on the process of a product in production. Our ability to understand the process that became the main target is to help smooth and improve the final outcome of this project. Ability to identify problems in production, Determining the variable-variable as the basis for data analysis, make appropriate analytical model for the relevant data and provide alternative solutions to the items believed to be the source of the problem.

If we master in detail the process is built and working, then we can easily identify the abnormality which arise due to the process. Identify the problem is not an easy job for someone new in the production area, but this is very important to research a step further. If one identifies the corrective measures will be wrong also, in the end all the improvements made are not exactly on target. Therefore, in manufacturing, six sigma project implementers sought from the relevant production area and already have a good experience in running the process.

Furthermore combines with good management. Six sigma team members must have an expert in the field of management. In this case the elements of management control elements of the management issues, risk management, which in turn could mengabil the right decision. Identification that is given by the person in charge on a particular process should be made a model problem and the statistical variables and then processed mathematically so that the decision raises a scientific and accountable.

Improvement can be achieved with a good if, the executor of the project improvement project needs to be run. By choosing the right people it can quickly identify, process data and make decisions and present the data valid and feasible improvement to be recommended as standard prosuksi operation.