There are several methods that can be used every company to measure and monitor customer satisfaction and enterprise customers. :
1 . System of complaints and suggestions
A customer-focused company that makes its customers to provide suggestions, their opinions and complaints. Media in use include a suggestion box in place in strategic places , providing comment card and a dedicated phone line from phone systems Sydney. But because these methods tend to be passive , it is difficult to get a complete picture of contentment and customer satisfaction. Not all dissatisfied customers will then deliver them directly. Just switch to another company and not the company will be a customer again.

2. Customer satisfaction survey
Generally a lot of research on customer satisfaction in a survey done by using either by post , telephone or personal interview .
Measurement of customer satisfaction through this method can be done in various ways, among others:
1. Directly Reported Satisfaction
Measurements are made directly through the questions.
2. Derived Dissatisfaction
Questions concerning the proposed 2 main things , namely the amount of the customer’s expectations and the magnitude of the performance of certain attributes which they have felt or received .
3. Problem Analysis
Customers who used the respondents were asked to reveal two main points , namely : the problems that they face in terms of the management company and offers suggestions for improvement .
4. Importance- Performance Analysis
In this technique respondents were asked to rank various elements of the offer based on the degree of importance of each of these elements. Also, respondents were asked to rank how well the company’s performance in each of these elements.

3. Shopping stealth (Ghost shopping).
This method is implemented by employing a few people (ghost shopper) to act or behave as a potential customer and the company’s products the shopper competitor ghost. Than shared her findings regarding the strengths and weaknesses of competitors’ products companies based on their experience in purchasing these products. Besides the ghost shopper also come see firsthand how employees interact and treat the customers. Of Course employees may not know that the new boss will be biased assessment.