Many things are done in running a project including project development six sigma quality, the way to do it requires a systematic measures and targeted to produce a directional well. It is therefore necessary that the raw sequence that could indicate the activities that need to be done.

In any production process standardization process flow is needed to serve as guidelines for new and old employees. Because if there is no standardization of the work of each worker will look chaotic and irregular, although the end result is the same. In the end that feels is waste which caused the inequality standard work each worker.

Lean manufacturing in a process that seeks to eliminate waste will also see references to the process of flow, the working diagram. Then analyzed Which part can be removed without reducing the quality of the products. Lean manufacturing can also be a part of process improvement which needs to be improved to enhance product quality. Reduction of one step in a series of very recommendation process flow to achieve lean manufacturing by eliminating waste in production

In 5s management will be very important to have a flow of processes in project execution 5s to get maximum results and work procedures that apply to all members of the company.

So six sigma as a project that is more specific and detailed process flow diagram must use in order to understand and be understood by everyone and can be rapidly analyzed in the specific process or specific steps.