Each project is associated with quality will be more effective if supported by all parties within the company. The support can be referred to financial support, ideas, support facilities to facilitate the conduct of research.

Director of the company is the most important person who has broad authority and decision-makers of the highest in the company. As the most influential person must be a major icon in Six Sigma projects. Support from the director / head of the company will be a strong motivation to drive Six Sigma projects. All forms of support will facilitate the implementation of the project. Just as Six Sigma was first initiated by Motorola Corporation that was driven by one engineer named Bill Smith got the full support of CEO Bob Galvin.

Managers who manage the production process was the person most responsible of all the existing problems dip roses production. The role of project manager six sigma can be as a director, consultant or directly involved in the work of problem identification, data processing, data analysis and make hypotheses for improvement as the standardization of corporate performance.

All member companies must actively participate in improvement projects. A production machine operator must also be involved because of all those involved directly regards the production process we’ll get a description, accurate data. Their every day wrestle with the production, so find out in detail how to work, the machine settings, product treatment, is also a common problem. The point is that all members of the company from top managers to employees that the bottom should be proactively involved in Six Sigma improvement projects