Customer satisfaction ( Customer Satisfaction) is determined by the customer’s perception of the performance of the product or service to meet customer expectations . Customers are satisfied when expectations are met or will be very satisfied if match customer expectations .
In determining customer satisfaction , there are five factors that must be considered by the company ( Lupyoadi , 2001) , among others :
1. Quality of the product , ie customers will be satisfied if their results show that they are using quality products .
2. Quality of care or services , the customer will be satisfied when they get good service or as expected .
3. Emotions , ie customers will feel proud and get the belief that someone else will be amazed to him when using products with certain brands that tend to have higher levels of satisfaction . Satisfaction obtained not because of the quality of the product but the social or self- esteem that makes customers feel satisfied with a particular brand .
4. Price , which is a product that has the same quality but the price is relatively cheap set will give a higher value to customers .
5. Costs , the customer does not have to pay extra or do not need to waste time to get a product or service tend to be satisfied with the product or services.