End of a quality product is just a regular customer value. Product quality is not the product of the prestigious, has high artistic value, an attractive design and arrangement of the complex. But in the world of manufacturing and business, said product quality if they meet the necessary criteria of customers. If customers ask for products with type A and certain designs are then manufactured products as requested.

Customers not only the buyer, who only need the product, purchase and complete. But more than that the buyer is the king who must be served. As a manufacturer of a company should be able to deliver products that comply with the qualifications required by the customer.

Customers are partners who always accompany us in making quality products. After all complaints, feedback, criticism, suggestions from our customers should not be ignored or resisted because it does not fit with our vision. But it must be addressed more prudent that any complaints should be followed up with the aim to serve and make our performance better.

In the long term partnerships between producers and customers is necessary for business continuity. Positive testimonials from customers will boost the popularity of our sales as well. Customers include a wide range of backgrounds, could be companies, institutions, general public, service users and others, therefore it should be a potential partner to build brand and create a classy product.

Manufacturers and customers are the team who always work together to find the best solution of every problem that arises in connection with a manufactured product. Customers can provide feedback, suggestions, criticisms and complaints that are constructive for the improvement of the product. Team collaboration between customers and producers is a mutually beneficial cooperation. Customers in the end product provided a good fit with the required standards, while producers will automatically encouraged to produce quality products that meet the required quality standards.

From the description above can be concluded that six sigma as a methodology in running the business stragegi, oriented to customer satisfaction so that the manufacturing side must always be maintained for consistency in conducting continuous improvement. Improvements not only for customer satisfaction but also the progress of the company itself.