One of the six sigma concept in order to meet customer satisfaction is to be the fastest in providing and delivering goods. Trust business will be established if the supply of goods on time and not late. User company product / customer who is not an end user is also being chased time to produce their own products. For example, mobile companies are also customers of the company resistive Plate. Mobile pursue the target company to meet market demand, if there is delay in the production will be messy

Besides the issue of delay caused by the production process, problems that often arise in terms of product delivery speed is the problem of delivery by freight forwarding companies associated with the distance and speed of delivery transportation. Selection of the proper delivery of services into separate items that need attention, because if one chose the company will cause a bad effect on our company’s reputation in the eyes of customers

In the shipping company, speed of delivery is the main priority in improving the quality of care. If the promotion promises 10 days before the day had reached the tenth must be actually received by the customer.
For example, UPS and Fedex shipping company, the second American shipping companies are equally promising delivery times are an average of 5 days prior to receipt. As an act of commitment that has been agreed then a 5-day shipment should have reached the hands of the customers. Business competition that occurs in shipping companies is the speed competition. Who is the fastest is the winner. While choosing a moving company, outstanding service and speed mean everything.

If the target delivery time has been determined then by taking all the risks the company must meet delivery targets. For example, if promoted promised 5 days then attempted 3 -4 days must have arrived. Additional shipping company facilities usually provide tracking number that is updated from time to time and can be accessed to determine the position of the goods. Tracking number is very helpful for customers to make observations, evaluations and complain if there are problems in delivery.

The concept of six sigma is to serve the fastest delivery should be applied intensively in the shipping company. All waste which can be removed must be overcome in order to be the fastest in the ranks of companies shipping. Besides it still refers to the 5s management, FIFO neat concept, lean manufacturing and supporting quality improvement projects including Six Sigma