Lots of methods used to raise the quality of the product, with the aim that its products can be accepted by the market and get the customer as much as possible. Competition among companies would be faced by all companies throughout the world. Therefore, competition demands that all organizations and companies must be increasingly innovative in meeting customer requirements. Complaints from customers is the beginning of distrust towards our corporate customers and is an indication of the company going bankrupt.

Defects, waste in the production process to delivery into the problems facing everyday. Making zero of defects and eliminate waste in the core of quality improvement activities. Defect not simply mean the product is damaged or not used. In the concept of six sigma defect all the things that do not meet the standard can be called a defect. Production schedules that exceed the specified time targets are also called defect, workers working late also called defect, diameter bolts that should be between 25.00 mm – 25.05 cm, if it turns out there are 25.06 cm in size then also called defective. Although the product may function properly but if it does not meet the desires of customers are also defective.

More and more defects are found on the downside of trust of customers and automated more and more customers who run and move to another company. Intense competition will increasingly complex requirements demanded by the customer, therefore the company must be prepared to deliver a quality product according to customer demand.

Better, faster, cheaper. These three conditions are very heavy. But that’s what the customer requested. With great effort the company should be able to make it happen. For example, by prioritizing the implementation of lean manufacturing that eliminates waste as much detail, details, 5s management that support lean manufacturing and quality such as Six Sigma project with a more detailed analysis. With a combination of system improvement is a quality product, faster delivery and cheaper prices can be achieved.