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Waiting Wastage

What is the waiting waste and extravagance is how big an effect on productivity. In the process of reducing the activity of plant waste, waste waiting times also do not realize, but very damaging in terms of productivity. The meaning here is that all waiting waste for such material, carrying-in, inspection, waiting for marginal work and waiting for the monitor work. As a result of waiting waste complex will have implications on other manufacturing activities. For example, many workers are not being used and in vain because they have to wait for materials to come. Work will be delayed just before the goods are processed. In addition, time is wasted with no charge because they have to idle waiting for a delayed production

Strict Compliance with the Rule for Action Improvement

Solving problems related to waste action is to enforce strict compliance with the rule for action improvement. With the standardization was made in the process will be formed collective adherence of all members of production. The ultimate goal of implementing countermeasures of this kind will make all activities well controlled, both machine operation and manual operation in manufacturing. First of all it must be ensured that the layout should support for movement activities. Tidaka any part of the machine that prevents motion machine operators, no material that interfere with operator movement, and all the components in the process should be done easily and not too much movement. If you can with a sitting position can run the production activity.

The importance of Education and Training to Reduce Action Waste

Standard operating and working procedures are not enough to make production runs as expected. Maybe with work procedures worker may do the job well and can achieve the production target which was charged to him. However, further to improve the efficiency of lean manufacturing must still be performed as well as reducing waste action. You should try to learn about a test prep franchise and see if you can teach lean manufacturing in your area. To realize the concept of lean manufacturing the first is to provide education and training to employees on lean manufacturing waste associated with action. Just like this link consists of many elaborate courses, one of which is spanish clep test practice , likewise, there needs to be a crash course to provide proper education. Education here is intended to educate and sensitize employees to efficiency through lean manufacturing activities that such action waste. Given the basics of lean manufacturing workers are expected to be more in control of

Cause Possible of Action Waste

Lots of action that results in waste in manufacturing. The cause of action because the waste can be made by management systems or waste due to a habit that applied for generations of previous generations. To change habits is difficult but to reduce the waste should be immediately taken action. Here are some causes of action waste caused by the system in force in the company. Implementation of the system which causes the remote-island-like work, where workers seemed to work on their own without working with others so do not assume that in a manufacturing is one unit that must be done together for the achievement of predetermined targets. Remote-island-like means away from the means used to work so had to walk far for the purpose of taking the job. All will take a lot for work that should not be necessary.

Waste Action (action with no added-value)

Action waste in manufacturing should be eliminated because if those activities will occur over and over to eat a big waste of time. Action can be interpreted as an unnecessary waste action, action with no added-value, or late action and so forth. Lots of us have encountered the workers who take action that is not no use in the production area, but they do not realize it. Hence the need for training to employees with the intention those workers are able to identify, recognize and take action as well as getting used to reduce the activity of which is useless. Some items that can be used as a reference that there were a manufacturing waste is the Increase of personnel and man-hours, concealing skills , work instability and unnecessary action. Increasing tendency waste must be properly addressed so as not to cause big losses. Are not aware there was an increase in factory workers by managers, they may only analyze the results produced in terms of decline. Automatically be added the numbe

Inadequacy in Consideration of Work Contents

Inadequacy in addition to consideration of process sequences there are things that sometimes often do not seem that it is a waste of Inadequacy in consideration of work contents. The definition of work content is part of a job or process that is done by machine or human. Or in a smaller scope again is part of the activities of workers in working on a product. They sometimes do not realize that the work they do is work in vain, in the sense that if eliminated would not be a problem. For example in the manufacture of factory bolts, one bolt-making process that there is no use of the jig process aims to measure the length of the bolt. Several times the workers are wiping jig used to measure these bolts. This jig cleaning activity when accumulated can seize a long time, whereas the quality is not so meaningful in the sense that if he did not commit any no effect

Inadequacy in Consideration of Process Sequence

The design process in a factory system will not end. The reforms would have to remain to be done to obtain an optimal system. Optimal in terms of productivity, quality and avoid waste in the area of process. Inadequacy in consideration of the process sequence is that many cases occur during the process towards improvement in the factory. Most important is the ability of engineers to be able to identify and analysis capabilities can reduce waste in production. The order process is systematic and easy in manufacturing will help workers get the job done well. But sometimes with considerations of quality and perfect product. But all the components to be achieved must be packaged in a simple system and neatly arranged.

Low workability Increase of defects

One indication of machining and waste treatment is the workability and Increase Low defect. Low workability means that low productivity or product produced by one process or workers. However, workability is described more broadly, it could mean the system is too slow and far from the expected production targets, or performance of employees who decline for many reasons, such as systems that are not too long-winded, a perfectionist system that actually makes the work process becomes ineffective. Increase of defect as a result of the treatment of goods that are not necessary but still performed. this can lead to work a second time and could result in product defects. Double inspection manual and automatic systems should be investigated where that could produce products that comply with the recommended quality standards. If the machine autoinspection can overcome the quality problems can be eliminated manual inspection. In addition to saving labor, the process can be faster.

Originally unnecessary Process and Work are Deems as Necessary

The changes in production very often occur along with the development of technology used. An industrial engineer must be sensitive to changes occurring in the process sometimes unnecessary Originally process and work are deems as Necessary. Activities that should be removed occasionally still maintained by reason of changes in procedures requiring a change in the side of labor, machinery and process flow, changes in procedures also require changes in the workforce. They must be trained to follow the new working procedures. This change will be slow because it is still pictured with the old procedure. So the work habits of the old still remains taken although there has been new work procedures. So the activities that should not have to do is just done, resulting in a waste of time.

Machining and Treating Wastage

Perhaps, this wastage is the fundamental waste because it involves expertise of a planner that is industrial engineering and Treating Machining wastage. These wastes due to errors in case of early prediction of new factories, or perhaps because of changes in production systems due to changes in market demand and product characteristics are different than the initial production. Prediction Error Before starting the establishment of the factory should have been held in-depth survey of the production process and how anticipates the event of changes to the process itself. A company that big should not be risking a mistake from a planner in designing the factory, and a large company can take that long to do a survey to get a good planning and flexible to market developments. Design faults in large companies is rare, that often happens is the fault survey where production machinery, product treatment system cannot balance the market demand is changing so fast and varied.

Imperfection in applicable standards

Standards are made based on experiences in production activities in the past who made a step-by-step improvement. But not all standards can be applied in areas of production. due to field conditions are always different, and different treatment of the product must also be different. Imperfect in applicable standards common in the production process of a product. It may be caused by imperfections in terms of work procedures, employees who have the imbalance skill standards in the relevant processes, as well as production machines that are not applicable to existing standards.

Poor Inspection Method

Perfection in a factory system is a trial error That process takes a long time. In the beginning there are still many shortcomings in terms of methods and productivity, then held for the better improvement. Improvement done still have continued weakness of the improvement and so on. However, in reality, the improvement will of always have difficulty both in technical terms, labor regulation and its supporting components. One of them is to make an adequate inspection system to avoid the nonconforming product.

Attaching Importance to Downstream Process by Inspection

Indeed, if the inspection process carried out every process in particular would use the time and labor that a lot. Waste problem again. The meaning of Attaching Importance to Downstream Process Inspection is made by the standard of work every process and every person to conduct inspections of materials and products are working. Each of the personnel involved should have the awareness to observe, identify and take action if you get the abnormality that happen at their respective working. More steady again stated in the working procedure on each person if you get a material defect should at least be reported to their superiors. With the rapid process of identifying the defects in the final product will be avoided.

Nonconforming Posibble Causes

Nonconforming product wastage, as discussed in previous articles that there is waste in the factory and has caused no small loss. Rising material cost, productivity is low, a lot of extra work to be done – reworks. It also will increase the claims of the customer the most implications for the wider world. A plant manager must be able to identify waste in the production that can then be quickly taken appropriate action. If handling the loss will slow with time chasing penganganan. The slower handling more and more losses are suffered.

Rework Activity due to Nonconforming Product

One of the waste in the production of lean manufacturing activity is due to rework activity monconforming product. Labor and production equipment must be used to rework of defective product.If the product is rejected by the customer would not want to do rework if it is still possible. Rejection by the customer because of nonconforming product may vary. For example, incompatibility between the box and its contents, should contain the product type of the A1 but the label on the written box A2. Such action is still easy to rework that is by replacing the label boxes with the same type with the contents. The most difficult is if there is mixing the product with different characteristics have However the same physical shape. Before rework carried out an inspection that requires a long time in addition to rework itself.

Nonconforming Product and Customer Claim

Nonconforming product and Customer Claim is a causal relationship is often the case in the manufacturing business world. Nonconforming product due to production errors that regardless of the final inspection. Due to obvious if nonconforming product until the customer is served until into the hands of the customer’s claim. Claim of customer demand can be either replacement goods or even if the customer feel very aggrieved supplier companies will be claimed in a big par. Nonconforming product will be fatal for the enterprise user. For example, a company that manufactures suppliers fuse (safety device electrical current flow). The physical condition of fuse together despite having different characteristics. Fuse is a safety device against over current in order to secure the component or device on the circuit thereafter. How it works better if the flow through the equipment / component is safe because a burning fuse. If the fuse fails then the device would be burned or damaged.

Nonconforming Product Requires Treatment Inspection

Not only the loss of material and the product is wasted because it is not worth selling, but nonconforming product requires inspection of extra treatment. This inspection job requires additional funds to pay workers. So the loss is the loss of material due to the unused product, loss of manpower employed for the inspection work, and if there are claims of the customer needs more funds again. Thus the lean manufacturing here plays a very important role in eliminating all waste that is in production. Starting from the arrangement of 5S, a standard work, train workers to work effectively. and so forth.

Imperfect Finished Product

Imperfect product is a disability caused by an imperfect production process, which occurs by accident or because conditions are not perfect production machine as well. Imperfect product may also be caused by conditions that affect the condition of bad 5s finished product. There are several conditions that must be addressed if imperfect product continues to occur, for example; – Improve the condition of 5S as basic manufacturing activities that must be sustained to ensure the quality of human resources and products. – Finding the root of the problem have been the cause of the imperfect product – Conduct frequent inspection of the production process so that it can immediately detect the machines or products that have abnormalities

Defective due to Poor Storage Activities

Defective condition of the material can also occur after the material is in the factory, namely the storage conditions and treatment of bad material. Starting from the store and 5S premises that are less well-ordered, random placement, packaging, transfer of goods, the use of transport means and so forth. Treatment of materials should be able to protect themselves from dangerous material defect, corrosion, cracks, mixed with other particles and so forth.

Defective Because of Delivery

Weather conditions, road and time of delivery becomes the main factor to guarantee the quality of material it sends. For example, material that is sensitive to acid rain and then when the sea water or steam will cause the material conditions of the amended section surface chemistry of these materials. Therefore, to prevent material defect is caused due to delivery with special handling. Starting from the packaging, container treatment and protection in certain weather.