Perfection in a factory system is a trial error That process takes a long time. In the beginning there are still many shortcomings in terms of methods and productivity, then held for the better improvement. Improvement done still have continued weakness of the improvement and so on.

However, in reality, the improvement will of always have difficulty both in technical terms, labor regulation and its supporting components. One of them is to make an adequate inspection system to avoid the nonconforming product.

Inspection is the final screening process before being sent to the customer, therefore all the power and efforts to prevent the escape of product defect inspection process should be enhanced. The increase here include a variety of factors ranging from human factors, machine, tool support, the environment and the standardization method of examination.

Human factors included inadequate training and skills that meet the qualification standards required and also work smart awareness in accordance with work procedures and implement the basic principle is to apply the concept of manufacturing 5s their respective working environment.

In addition, support tools for these inspection activities must also be considered, so in addition to create a comfortable operators who use it also makes the job more accurately.

Poor Inspection Method can also be caused by several factors above but also because it can work standards are made not in accordance with actual conditions, further aggravating the workers.