Inadequacy in addition to consideration of process sequences there are things that sometimes often do not seem that it is a waste of Inadequacy in consideration of work contents. The definition of work content is part of a job or process that is done by machine or human. Or in a smaller scope again is part of the activities of workers in working on a product. They sometimes do not realize that the work they do is work in vain, in the sense that if eliminated would not be a problem.

For example in the manufacture of factory bolts, one bolt-making process that there is no use of the jig process aims to measure the length of the bolt. Several times the workers are wiping jig used to measure these bolts. This jig cleaning activity when accumulated can seize a long time, whereas the quality is not so meaningful in the sense that if he did not commit any no effect

To overcome these problems should be conducted intensive research on the product concerned. If these products are quality no effect on certain types of work will soon be the new work procedures and processes that do not mean it is removed. Like the example above, with Segal efforts jig cleaning process must be minimized so as not to interfere with the main job. Or with solutions using jigs more than one, if there is one other dirty.

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Lean manufacturing is continuous improvement. For that purpose in the manufacture of the product if there are problems immediately taken action to repair. Identify the problem was that the major key.