Nonconforming product wastage, as discussed in previous articles that there is waste in the factory and has caused no small loss. Rising material cost, productivity is low, a lot of extra work to be done – reworks. It also will increase the claims of the customer the most implications for the wider world.

A plant manager must be able to identify waste in the production that can then be quickly taken appropriate action. If handling the loss will slow with time chasing penganganan. The slower handling more and more losses are suffered.

Some possible causes that occur in production with respect to nonconforming are as follows;
1. attaching importance to the downstream process by inspection
2. Inspection Method, Imperfection in applicable standards
3. Lack of standard work

Actually still stout root causes of nonconforming product. And all require serious attention. Settlement of waste can not be done at once but must be step by step. Starting from the basics manufaturing, 5s implementation and standardization of production management in general