Lots of action that results in waste in manufacturing. The cause of action because the waste can be made by management systems or waste due to a habit that applied for generations of previous generations. To change habits is difficult but to reduce the waste should be immediately taken action. Here are some causes of action waste caused by the system in force in the company.

Implementation of the system which causes the remote-island-like work, where workers seemed to work on their own without working with others so do not assume that in a manufacturing is one unit that must be done together for the achievement of predetermined targets. Remote-island-like means away from the means used to work so had to walk far for the purpose of taking the job. All will take a lot for work that should not be necessary.

Diffusion of Craftsmanship, this system should be avoided in the manufacturing system in which one process or a worker must master all the work until finished. Suggested is to make workers’ skills up to an cone course and more professional expertise in working. It’s better than one person must complete the product until the final stage. Such a pattern seems to appear less likely to make trouble, but if the note would be a lot of waste generated by such as the output per unit time, and not to mention the form that must be prepared themselves.

Poor layout is a cause that cannot be underestimated, with a layout that bad then forcing workers must perform their duties with great difficulty. Layout product placement before being processed and finished products, the placement jigs and tools, the distance between the equipment work with desk work and so forth. All of it should be noted that high-efficiency gnats happen and not forcing workers to walk far for things that should not be necessary.

The concept of lean manufacturing should still be upheld is to treat workers as simple as possible, placing items within easy reach and avoid activities that are categorized as waste.