Standards are made based on experiences in production activities in the past who made a step-by-step improvement. But not all standards can be applied in areas of production. due to field conditions are always different, and different treatment of the product must also be different.

Imperfect in applicable standards common in the production process of a product. It may be caused by imperfections in terms of work procedures, employees who have the imbalance skill standards in the relevant processes, as well as production machines that are not applicable to existing standards.

For the case of nonconforming product due to imperfection in applicable standards, should be separated among the products which have the same standard of treatment is different from the standard product. Thus can ensure the implementation of the same labor standards in one line. While other products that have different working standards also created a different operating system.

Thus the confusion caused by workers who are not standards that can be applied to a product that is being done can be overcome.