Indeed, if the inspection process carried out every process in particular would use the time and labor that a lot. Waste problem again. The meaning of Attaching Importance to Downstream Process Inspection is made by the standard of work every process and every person to conduct inspections of materials and products are working. Each of the personnel involved should have the awareness to observe, identify and take action if you get the abnormality that happen at their respective working.

More steady again stated in the working procedure on each person if you get a material defect should at least be reported to their superiors. With the rapid process of identifying the defects in the final product will be avoided.

Incoming Material, Although there are special staff who are obliged to conduct inspections there is no harm if before entering the goods into stores to see first the condition of goods received. If there’s something diuar habit it must be reported in order to get more intensive treatment. If possible can also be checked between content and packaging, make sure it is appropriate and right for each other. Always ensure to inspect the incoming Steel Strapping for its quality and material as they help keep objects intact.

Production Process, in the production process is certainly more berkonsetrasi on productivity, but that does not mean the work of inspection is not important at all. Even here that need that extra precision to avoid nonconforming product in the production process. Each raw material before the process really should dipastika materials in accordance with work instructions.

Inspection Process. In particular it must exist in a factory inspection process, but that does not mean that this process could ensure no passage of product defect. Assistance from the inspection of each process is also very determining the quality of the product itself.

Packing Process, the process is the most potential of nonconforming product between content and packaging.
To achieve lean manufacturing is really no nonconforming product should stick to the instructions kesadarn kerka and development of individuals who want to do an inspection of the product being made.