Waste Action (action with no added-value)

Action waste in manufacturing should be eliminated because if those activities will occur over and over to eat a big waste of time. Action can be interpreted as an unnecessary waste action, action with no added-value, or late action and so forth. Lots of us have encountered the workers who take action that is not no use in the production area, but they do not realize it. Hence the need for training to employees with the intention those workers are able to identify, recognize and take action as well as getting used to reduce the activity of which is useless.

Some items that can be used as a reference that there were a manufacturing waste is the Increase of personnel and man-hours, concealing skills, work instability and unnecessary action. Increasing tendency waste must be properly addressed so as not to cause big losses. Are not aware there was an increase in factory workers by managers, they may only analyze the results produced in terms of decline. Automatically be added the number of workers. They do not realize that the cause of productivity decline was a waste of actions that caused the workers themselves



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