Perhaps, this wastage is the fundamental waste because it involves expertise of a planner that is industrial engineering and Treating Machining wastage.
These wastes due to errors in case of early prediction of new factories, or perhaps because of changes in production systems due to changes in market demand and product characteristics are different than the initial production.

Prediction Error
Before starting the establishment of the factory should have been held in-depth survey of the production process and how anticipates the event of changes to the process itself. A company that big should not be risking a mistake from a planner in designing the factory, and a large company can take that long to do a survey to get a good planning and flexible to market developments. Design faults in large companies is rare, that often happens is the fault survey where production machinery, product treatment system cannot balance the market demand is changing so fast and varied.

Market Development
Changes in trends, technological developments, and market demand is the main factor that could shake the production in a manufacturing system. For example, if you previously did not need to be treated like this should be done. And also the development of the market can change in the production process. Who used to be done now is not necessary, obviously this will change the sequence in the production process.

Lean manufacturing always require that all optimized. If market demand is very high level of flexibility, the system must be changed as flexible as possible. Do not let processes that are not needed in the long term remains installed in the production area, but can interfere with the 5S concept that has been applied also occur where extravagance and waste of time.

To know the treatment of wastage should be analyzed in terms of quality, whether a process can be eliminated without affecting the quality of the product, how much influence on the product if a process is removed. All need considerations.