Nonconforming product and Customer Claim is a causal relationship is often the case in the manufacturing business world. Nonconforming product due to production errors that regardless of the final inspection. Due to obvious if nonconforming product until the customer is served until into the hands of the customer’s claim. Claim of customer demand can be either replacement goods or even if the customer feel very aggrieved supplier companies will be claimed in a big par.

Nonconforming product will be fatal for the enterprise user. For example, a company that manufactures suppliers fuse (safety device electrical current flow). The physical condition of fuse together despite having different characteristics. Fuse is a safety device against over current in order to secure the component or device on the circuit thereafter. How it works better if the flow through the equipment / component is safe because a burning fuse. If the fuse fails then the device would be burned or damaged.

To find out the fuse characteristics can only be carried out tests or code that is written on the surface of fuse. The problem is that if any provision of the code on the surface. This could endanger the user. For example, should a system of electrical circuits require a fuse 5 Amp but printing error code that is actually installed 25 Ampere. And that almost certainly that the fuse is not working and the circuit will burn first and a burning fuse. The loss will be suffered by a user in a situation like this.

Due to customer real claim of nonconforming product
– The company’s reputation will go down as the case of negative about our product.
– Trust customers will also be down
– Auto Sales will decline and this may inhibit the survival of the company itself.

Lean manufacturing is associated with nonconforming product will always be a principal concern for all companies to be able to avoid it. Especially relating to product safety or product that is fatal to the user if not in accordance with the characteristics.