Solving problems related to waste action is to enforce strict compliance with the rule for action improvement. With the standardization was made in the process will be formed collective adherence of all members of production. The ultimate goal of implementing countermeasures of this kind will make all activities well controlled, both machine operation and manual operation in manufacturing.

First of all it must be ensured that the layout should support for movement activities. Tidaka any part of the machine that prevents motion machine operators, no material that interfere with operator movement, and all the components in the process should be done easily and not too much movement. If you can with a sitting position can run the production activity.

Next is to create rules that contain the details of working procedures, operating, labor movements, body movements and so forth. So that it can be duplicated standards movement to new members. movement is standard and neatly arranged on manufacturing jobs. And of course, this movement has been analyzed and scrutinized by the scientific research method that has been recognized reliability.

And the most important thing is training and training to ensure all members adhere to the production of the relevant rules made. Consistency and compliance with operating standards is what will be a reference point for lean manufacturing activities in order to reduce wastes that is in the factory, especially in terms of waste action