Imperfect product is a disability caused by an imperfect production process, which occurs by accident or because conditions are not perfect production machine as well. Imperfect product may also be caused by conditions that affect the condition of bad 5s finished product.

There are several conditions that must be addressed if imperfect product continues to occur, for example;
– Improve the condition of 5S as basic manufacturing activities that must be sustained to ensure the quality of human resources and products.
– Finding the root of the problem have been the cause of the imperfect product
– Conduct frequent inspection of the production process so that it can immediately detect the machines or products that have abnormalities

Why 5S activity is a top priority. As an example of a full engine dusty conditions while in production are the components that are vulnerable to dust particles. Just because a machine or work area is not cleaned then the effect of dust into the product which will surely affect the outcome of the product itself.

Imperfect finished product is a manufacturing waste product mix resulting in a perfect or imperfect. That could add to the burden of production, especially in the inspection process and inspection machine product. Examination of this product include separation of the product mix and product inspection is not perfect. If at the beginning or the production process can be detected early then the product mix of products will be avoided.