One indication of machining and waste treatment is the workability and Increase Low defect. Low workability means that low productivity or product produced by one process or workers. However, workability is described more broadly, it could mean the system is too slow and far from the expected production targets, or performance of employees who decline for many reasons, such as systems that are not too long-winded, a perfectionist system that actually makes the work process becomes ineffective.

Increase of defect as a result of the treatment of goods that are not necessary but still performed. this can lead to work a second time and could result in product defects. Double inspection manual and automatic systems should be investigated where that could produce products that comply with the recommended quality standards. If the machine autoinspection can overcome the quality problems can be eliminated manual inspection. In addition to saving labor, the process can be faster.

Lean manufacturing focuses on labor savings, process and treatment memangisa really needed. All forms of waste that caused waste to be removed. If bida save just one process or treatment, can save manpower and production time significantly.