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The Six Sigma Evolution *
Statistics is The Main Tool to Perform Six Sigma Project
Six Sigma Training: What Should be Explained in the Implementation of
Six Sigma
Totoya Production System: Automation Answer all Change of Demand
Toyota Production System: Reduction of Costs Through Labor Reduction
Toyota Production System: Automation and Autonomation A Technique to
Detect and Improve Defect Production
Six Sigma Analysis Tools: Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Facilitate
the Flow of Work
Six Sigma analysis tools: Pareto Diagrams Identify Priorities
Six Sigma analysis Tools: Scatter diagram to Show the Correlation of
the X Axis and Y Axis
Six Sigma analysis tools: Diagram of CE/CNX | Cause and Effect |
Constant-Noise-Experiment Diagram
Six Sigma Should be Presented with the Process Flow Diagram
IPO Diagram to Explain the Relationship of Input, Process and Output in
Six Sigma Analysis
Variation in Six Sigma and Synchronization Between the Department
Six Sigma is the Project Reducing Variation
Structured Methods of Six Sigma: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve,
DMAIC, the Black Belt and Team Executing : Foundations of Six Sigma
Six Sigma Concept: Race Became the Fastest
Six sigma to Win the Competition: Better, Faster and Cheaper
Six Sigma: Improvement is Always Pursuing perfection
Six Sigma Must be Supported by the Proactive Management