Sensors that detect the product being run will greatly assist the work of man. For example, sensors connected to monitors and monitors are equipped with automatic recording of data stored in computer memory. All runs automatically. Therefore, the presences of such a worker automation system only check the data and analyze the data provided by the machine. That way the work should be done by several workers can be replaced with 1 worker only, and even then performed at the end of the lot.

Thus when it is running the engine A and the machine is running automatically, then the worker is able to run the machine B. Automatic termination of a defective product will occur occasionally in the work cycle. If there is defective then the task of workers just check the type of defective and to take action and run it again. The machine will run automatically again.

Automation is very useful to improve standard operating routine. With the automation of workers able to handle more than one machine, in other words, could reduce the manpower to run the engine.

Lean manufacturing emphasizes waste reduction in all areas, including workforce reductions. Because the burden of a company that most companies is the handling of labor problems that are not effective, both in terms of numbers, the gap and the distribution of labor in the production area.