Coordination between market research with the production is very important. However market demand must be adjusted to production capacity. The market is very difficult to predict, to the maturity of research to provide valid data on production capacity anticipated to be very important.

Automation is one way to answer all that. Automation in addition to providing products with a fast time is also anticipated to jump in demand for goods.

JIT is a principle held by Toyota in manufacturing activity. With autonomation system and automation engine then JIT product delivery on schedule and on time will be easily achieved.

Sometimes it will happen over-production as a result of the rapid change of consumer demand, so it’s in production is happening buildup that could interfere with other activities in the production. But the experience of the company will be able to anticipate the impact that occurred at the company. With the production of good coordination and cooperation with 5s in-charge, confident all problems in production can be overcome.