What is Jidoka? In the world of manufacturing, we are often familiar with the term Jidoka, let alone a company that reference the Japanese manufacturing system. In this case, Toyota is the pioneer of the implementation of an integrated system with the aim of increasing profits and reducing waste. The system is known as the Toyota Production System.

Jidoka could mean changing the automation of manual systems into automated system. Just simply press the “start” automatic machine can produce by itself. Jidoka also could mean that control is automatically disabled. To distinguish the two meanings jidoka Toyota calls the second meaning is Jidoka Ninben-No-aru “or literal translation, automation with human reason Both automation and autonomation is a technique to detect and repair defective production of defects and always include a mechanism to detect defective and the mechanism to stop the line or in case of defective machines.

Autonomation in the Toyota production system because it always involves the quality control is not possible defective parts through the line without being noticed. If there are defects, line stops, forcing attention on the problem with as soon as possible. Investigation on the cause and corrective actions to prevent it from happening again defective.

Jidoka have important meaning in the company, namely the achievement of cost reduction, production of which can be adjusted and increased respect for humanity by optimizing the machine to finish the job.