A lot of institutions that offer good training six sigma green belt training, black belt training, master black belt and Champion training. The main objective of the training is to establish a theme that is strong and well organized to achieve the expected results where the results of research and analysis can be applied and standardized in the area of the company. Of course, with a significant added value and profitable company.

Some training materials are usually delivered by professional trainers, trainers in the field of six sigma are:

Understanding Six Sigma

What is sig sigma? Basically, trainees must understand the true understanding of six sigma include background doing six sigma, six sigma project objectives done and the achievement of the expected after a six sigma project.

Key Concept of Six Sigma

In this section should be understood by the trainees are the key concepts in Six Sigma, how to calculate process sigma level and highlights the conditions for breakthrough improvement

The DMAIC Approach

DMAIC consists of Define, Measure, Analysis, Improve, and Control. This stage must be passed by implementing Six Sigma projects


The definition of implementation here is to explain in detail the technical components six sigma project success. Ranging from human resources, organization, areas will be improved and should be able to explain the part that becomes the focus for this project a success

Critical To Quality

Must be able to explain about the concept of critical customer requirements and critical Quality and of course the steps to identify critical issues and focus on the solution

Project Implementation

Giving a clear picture of the projects that will be working on, ranging from theme project, which will be improved process, problems encountered, goal statement, the name of a champion, Team leader and member and project time line. All that should be discussed carefully, and consulted with the master trainers of Six Sigma

Graphical Tools

Learning about graphs that are used as tools of analysis, and provide visual information about the problems that exist in the enterprise and the use of Six Sigma analysis tools that are appropriate to solve problems

Basic Statistics

Six Sigma Training should be provided with computer expertise in the field of statistics. Because as it is known that six sigma is a project to completion using a statistical

Measurement System Analysis

In this section a six sigma trainer should explain the concept in measurement and analysis system can use various techniques for performing measurement analysis system

Case Studies with Minitab

To deepen the understanding of six sigma, of course not only understand the theory, but should immediately learn of the actual condition. One example take one of the process to be a project with the simulation and data analysis with minitab (software for statistical analysis)