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What kind of company is it?

The company is a form of business entity by the number of employees and great products. Government also has a policy of its own to be the establishment of a company. In Indonesia is now widely established firms. And here is a wide-ranged companies: 1 Sole Proprietorship Traits – traits 1 Held individual (individual or family company) 2 The management simple 3 Capital is not too large relative 4 Continuity of business depends on the owner 2. firm Traits – traits 1 Member firms usually know each other and trust each other 2. firm agreement can be made ??before a notary public or under the hand 3 Using common names in the business activities 4 The existence of responsibility and risk of loss are not limited to, profit or loss will be shared 3 Company Commanditaire (CV) The characteristics: 1. founded and owned by two or more 2 The parties in the CV as a leader, manager and person in charge of the company (the owner is active). 3 other parties in CV just put venture capital, only resp

All about layout of factory

The layout is the layout of the factory or in the factory layout on how the placement of production facilities to facilitate the production process effectively and efficiently. Such facilities may include machines, means of production, material transport equipment, and manufacturing equipment, as well as equipment needed in supervision. In the preparation of plant layout also there are rules that must be obeyed. The rules are basic principle as follows: 1 in total integration of the factors of production of all the factors that affect the production process into one great organization. 2 The minimum distance the material removal untu save time displacement. 3 Materials should expedite the flow of work, sought to avoid turning movement (back tracking), motion cut (cross movement), and motion loss (congestion). 4 Must pay attention to satisfaction and safety in order to provide a pleasant working atmosphere. 5. flexibility to be able to anticipate changes in technology, communications, a

Indonesia's best big companies

Companies that have a large course also has a good performance of the employees and the top brass. On several occasions, Indonesia has always held an event to honor the well-performing firms. Implementation of the project was to give encouragement to the selected companies and other companies. of spirit and proof of performance is expected to be a developed country with the Indonesian economic good. For the companies that fall into the category, the pride and passion into a company if they can find the best ranking of Indonesia. Here are some companies that should be proud of it: 1. Astra International 2 Unilever Indonesia 3 Bank Central Asia 4. Telekomunikasi Indonesia 5. Bank Mandiri 6. Bank Rakyat Indonesia Indofood 7 8. United Tractors 9. Kalbe Farma 10 Cement Indonesia 11. Astra Agro Lestari 12. Garuda Indonesia 13. Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur 14. Gudang Garam 15. Indocement Tunggal Perkasa 16. Bank Negara Indonesia 17. XL Axiata 18. Holcim Indonesia 19. Krakatau Steel 20. Indosat

Complete on Management Trainee

Management Trainee program is an abbreviated” MT “. MT is a program prepared by the company to prepare candidates for the successor company later. Graduates MT minimum is a supervisor. MT like a goal that would have the condition. Following requirements to become MT: 1. GPA of at least 3 2 high IQ 3 Good Morals 4. good English ability 5. experience organizing 6 can provide a change to the company. In addition to having the terms, MT also has a provision that diijalaniu for 1 year, 4 months in class, 3 months rotary OJT (on the job training), and 6 months of dedicated OJT. In addition to becoming the MT also must go through the following process: 1 Interview 2 IQ Test 3 Tests Newspaper 4 English Language Test 5.-verbal test 6 Tests numeric 7 Health Test 8 And various recruitment procedures. MT has several phases of the program that must be followed and passed by every person who wants to be MT, including: 1 In Class Training 2 Rotary OJT (OJT = On the Job Training) 3 Dedicated OJT (OJT

The need for a system of financial information

Financial information system is a system used to inform the finance company to all the people of the company., It was intended to be more transparent in the financial statements in order to be understood, it is known, and well used by all parties within the company and is many of the financial tools you can find such as a roth ira calculator which can help you fix things quicker in your financial troubles. Financial information system in an enterprise can: 1 Improving the quality of financial reporting that is accurate, timely, and reliable that can connect to their offices in the upper levels. If your business needs financial help. 2 Support the efficiency, effectiveness and smoothness of preparation of financial statements 3 In an effort to achieve improved financial statement opinion from Michael Jeppson who is the best. Without a good financial information system, will result in any demonstration or riot can trigger induced irresponsible parties. For that a financial information

The important point of a company

Management is like a foundation to run a business. Various management system can be done and always improved every year. By good management companies, an effort that could continue to rise. Following seven management system framework: 1 Strategic Measurement Analysis and Reporting Technique (SMART) 2 Performance Measurement Questionnaire (PMQ) 3 Performance for World Class Manufacturing (PWCM) 4 Quantum Performance Measurement Model (QPMM) 5. The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) 6 Integrated Performance Measurement Systems (IPMS) 7 Performance Prism After the above frameworks are formed, it’s time to do business wheel according to the principles and standardization efforts to support the advancement and development of a company. Standardization that include: 1 Keywords: Mature 2 Qualified Human Resources, Loyal, and Prosperous 3 Open Manager, Decisive, and Democrats 4 Comfortable Working Environment and Support 5. Open and Always Learning While the principle in the form: 1 Work hard 2 Work goo

References wide variety of home industry is simple and easy

Home-style industry is a home-based small company that is now emerging. This work could be used as a side job or a permanent job. Taking advantage of labor around, can make us open up new job opportunities for those who need a job. With capital skills and expertise we can establish and build industry itself, as well as do it yourself. Until later we can widen their marketing and recruitment efforts by holding local residents. For those of you who want and will set up a home industry, following several references home industry that is lightweight and easy to be done by anyone: ? Screen Printing in various fields. ? Various wedding souvenir. Wedding party has its unit price is relatively cheap, but it is never a little souvenir orders and continue to exist. ? Recycling of office waste. Office waste can be recycled office waste into wrapping paper, printing paper or decorative products. ? Recycling factory waste. By working closely with our factory is going to get a uniform material and c

Marketing and marketing management

Marketing is a process of transfer of goods or services from the producer to the consumer by way of advertising or promotion malalui various ways and people use websites for this, so web design companies from sites as help a lot with this. While marketing management is a process of analysis, planning, implementation, coordination and control of marketing programs that include product policy, pricing, promotion, and distribution of products, services, and ideas are offered to create and promote the exchange of benefits to the target market in an effort to achieve organizational goals (Boyd, Walker, Larreche, 1998, p.16). Here’s the good and the right marketing and the most apt to dupe the customer / buyer, don’t forget to visit this website to find out more about the best marketing for small business. Another type of marketing specialty is consumer packaged goods marketing Establishing a web presence and effectively marketing your busines

Surefire way of managing risk

Risk management is a process of identification, measurement, and financial control of a risk that threaten the assets and earnings of a company or projects that may cause damage or loss to the company. Risk management is required by a company because it can help in minimizing, preventing, addressing and fixing any risk that will / is being / has been happening at the company. And in this case, the company should also employ a risk manager or take assistance from leading business solution websites like in performing tasks which are more focused on risk management. But before you manage a risk, you should know the risks beforehand in order to determine which method is used for these risks. This was done because of the risk of many kinds and the direction it came from. Here are surefire ways to manage the risks in the company: 1 Identification of risk 2 Analysis and evaluation of risk 3. response or reaction to cope with these risks And lastly we will discuss about t

The importance of cash flow management

A lot of people who do not know what the cash flow and why it should be there within a company or business. Due to the importance of cash flow in the company, then we will discuss it swedikit here. Cash flows are inflows and outflows or investment likuit is very short term in a certain period of company-owned money management and one of the ways that you can get cash for your business or personal use is with which is a market real estate that invests in commercial, industrial, and multifamily real estate for loans for over 10 years. Real estate is a very difficult business to cash flow, many people recommend taking debt in the forms of mortages but I recommend buying dc apartments in full and renting them, super profitable. Chapter 7, Entitled Liquidation, contemplates an orderly, court-supervised procedure by which a trustee takes over the assets of the debt consolidation help near me , reduces them to cash, and makes distributions to creditors, subject to the de

Differences in strategy and concept also benefits the company

The strategy is a great way to form a structured plan for it to be more effective. And this is the implementation and the embodiment of a concept. While the concept itself is a form of creative thinking are arranged in detail and concise for ease in carrying out a plan. Both of the above go hand in hand and it is vital for the running of a company or business in general. With two of the above, an attempt will be more structured. Strategy and concept is not only used by companies and businesses, but also used in learning, race, work and play. All was done in order to achieve such a desirable thing. And a good strategy proven to produce excellent results. Benefits of the strategies and concepts within a company are: 1 more structured plan. 2 The process of achieving corporate goals easier. 3 Evaluation and discovery of new, more precise strategies can be quickly found. 4 Performance of the members of the company more focused. Because of the importance of a strategy and concept, then all

The importance of the meeting in the company

“The meeting is a discussion or deliberation activities that discuss important matters. Meetings usually discuss the annual plan, marketing, product improvement, the target company, etc.. Meetings usually done by all the head of the chief executive and certain internal areas. All results are recorded by the notary public meeting and the results are presented at the end of the meeting the meeting. Can be done routinely or sudden. Meeting behold, it was very important in a company, factory, or organization, as: 1 With the meeting of all the problems can be solved together. 2. The meeting gave rise to new ideas are creative. 3 The solution of a problem can be found immediately. 4 can be used to improve relationships between members. 5. A plan or idea can be refined from the other side’s opinion. 6 Democracy over there and awake. 7 new plan or program can be immediately known by all parties 8 Can be used as an evaluation of past performance. If meetings are rarely or never exists in a co

How to make employees more efficient and flexible

Lean Production is a way to make workers and work more flexible and efficient by using the four principles: 1 Minimize waste. 2. Make perfect quality since the first opportunity 3.Lini flexible production 4 Continuous Improvement In facilitating the four principles above, there are the main characteristics that must be done, including: 1 Improvement of mass production. 2 Producing flexibly to varying product. 3 Focus on the process plant. 4 Emphasis on supplier management and the efficiency of resource usage. 5. detailed production schedule .. Doing four lean production principle with regard 5 characteristics, then the workers will be achieved flexibility and efficiency of their work. But it must be done continuously in every production, even though the things we want has been reached. Point for production over time will be well and happy and satisfied single worker doing his job.

What is it with DMAIC Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a way to minimize process variations that occur and reduce product defects or services out of specification by using statistical methods and other quality tools as incentives. In solving a problem, there is a method called DMAIC six sigma which will be explained as follows : 1 Define to validate problems 2 Measure to measure the problem 3 Analyze to find the source or root of the problem 4 Improve to define, prioritize, and implement the solution of each problem that has been validated 5. Control to keep the solutions that have been applied to keep it running, so that the problem does not arise again. In addition, six sigma as well as practical management systems that focus on four areas, namely:

Stabilizing production by using Lean Manufacturing

A production certainly requires good management, control, and structured to produce the best product quality. Due to production is an important process to produce the product, its presence led to the existence of a variety of methods to be used. Various methods and even then tested by entrepreneurs to improve their production. And of these methods there is one best method for the production, which is “Lean Manufacturing” Lean Manufacturing is a methodology with a focus on the use of production practices and empowering resources by eliminating waste (waste) that occur in the production process. Here are the basic principles of Lean Manufacturing: 1 Provide value in accordance with the needs and demands of customers. 2 Identify the VALUE STREAM for each product / service. 3 Create a process flow into a routine and continuous phases. 4 Apply a full system in the production process. 5. Do it consistently in order to reach a perfect process. In addition to the above basic principles, there

Work? 5s for sure

5S is an abbreviation contains the best handling techniques for homes, factories and companies having direct impact on productivity. 5S aims to workplace efficiency by reducing wastage of goods, equipment or time. 5s are as follows: 1 SEIRI / concise / Sorting that sort, assign, manage, and dispose of anything that is not needed in the workplace, as well as search for the cause of labor discomfort. The more lean workplace of the items that are not needed, the more efficient the work place. 2 Seiton / stacking / neat / Structuring the storage and arrangement of everything in a certain place them properly, an irregular rapid. Used to easier find the items needed quickly, as the visible control, and reduce waste in the form of movement back and forth while looking for stuff. 3 Seiso / rehearsal / Cleaning cleaning the workplace in accordance with the applicable rules to be neat and clean. Used as a control companies. 4. SHEIKETSU / milling / care / treatment the maintenance of the continu

Statistics and Six Sigma

Statistics and Six Sigma . In 1925 , Shewhart Whalter known as the father of quality control once said that : “The contribution is not seen statistics on how many employees you are a statistician , but how successful you embed statistical mindset at the technicians , production , and Engineer who formed you in the future ” . What people are saying Shewhart seventy- six years ago it was still very relevant to the current conditions . Seriring the increasing desire of customers to the superior quality plus many options , manufacturers are competing to improve their performance in order to win the competition by improving quality and productivity . In recent decades some performance improvement methodology used by the manufacturer to be able to continue to be effective and efficient in the process . Six Sigma is a methodology that proved to be one of them helps the manufacturer to be able to achieve that goal . Roots of Six Sigma process improvement approach that encourages through statis

Six Sigma as a Management System

Consistent use of measurement tools will help organization to understand and control the process of the core , and with a systematic problem solving methodology to help organizations get a solution that is based on the root of the problem . However , in reality implementing measurement tools and methodologies appropriate discipline has yet to ensure the organization to achieve remarkable performance improvements . For that , at a higher level , six sigma can be used also as a practical management system that focuses on four areas : 1. Understanding who the customer and his needs 2. Harmonize strategies and core processes in meeting those needs 3. Using detailed data analysis to understand and minimize the variation on the core processes 4. Strong infrastructure , to ensure improvement in the course of activities of an organization can go freeway If appropriate measuring tools , proven methodologies , and powerful system management combined organization then you will feel the impact of

Six Sigma as a measurement tool

What tools do we use if we want to know who the heavier between you and me? … Right scales. If you want to know more? …. Then the meter is the answer. The same thing applies Thus, if we want to compare two or more different processes and would like to know which one is better performance? Then six sigma was the one measuring instrument. Level of how good, judging from how many products / services that we produce in accordance with customer expectations, or in other words, the smaller the defect produced by our process, then the better our processes. Statistically, six sigma process means we are not going to make the goods more than 3.4 defects per one million products or services received by the customer, the less disability you make it the higher the sigma level.

Six Sigma Methodology : MEASURE

Once we managed to determine that the problem will be completed , the next step is MEASURE . The purpose of this phase is to establish the baseline of the project so that we can accurately compare the results of this project will repair . The main activity in this phase Mapping the process – after we identify limitations in the scope of the project SIPOC , the next step is to map the process in more detail . This step is important to determine the constraint , value , non – value – add , and areas of focus for improvement . From here we can identify quick wins that are found by eliminating waste in the process . Tool commonly used to map this process is Value stream mapping Determining size – the size of y and x – identify measures that need to be collected in the expected output , the core processes that create output , and input rather than the process . This needs to be done to help identify the root of the problem Plan for data retrieval – After getting the Y and X , the team plann

Six Sigma Not Just Cost Reduction

There is fear in the employees when the organization announced it would run a Six Sigma program . This occurs due to fear failure to understand the definition and implementation of Six Sigma goals of the organization . This is further compounded because many organizations are implementing Six Sigma in times of crisis , not infrequently also organizations implement Six Sigma as a justification for cutting costs , including resources about six sigma negative manusia.Stigma inherent in the minds of the employees implicated in the emergence of resistance , moral decline employees , and counterproductive . Well let ‘s look at an example below : If the HR manager saw that the overtime rate / high employee overtime . Then want to make improvements to the ” using ” Six Sigma methodology to reduce the overtime costs . I wonder what the title of improvement initiatives ? If you answered “Reduce Overtime Cost” can be sure that you are not yet accurate enough to understand Six Sigma . The goal of

Sponsor role in Six Sigma

The most important part in a journey of six sigma project is located in C , Control . This phase is to determine whether the project is really a significant impact in the long term , or just the headlines of the day . Here the role of a caretaker , or sponsors . Sponsored served as a supervisor . Responsibility that requires good balance , ie when letting the team make their own decisions but also provide clues about the direction of the work done . In general sponsor duties are :

Six Sigma Methodology : DEFINE

We will discuss about the six sigma methodology known as DMAIC . For the first of these , let’s get acquainted with the DEFINE phase Main Steps Define Phase Problem Identification – The most appropriate approach to find problems that would be six sigma project is top-down . Thus , the Steering Committee and Champion identify and prioritize areas for improvement projects Charter completes – The Project Sponsor Or Normally process owners and Green / Black Belt will clarify the scope and objectives of the project in a Project Charter . Validation Charter – Green Belt identify customers and customer requirements , and then to validate the scope , assumptions , and benefit ( benefit) in the Project Charter . Validation charter include :

Six Sigma Methodology : CONTROL

The most important thing to do Six Sigma lies in this phase , CONTROL . Victory is more difficult to maintain when we get it . The purpose of this phase is to ensure thorough implementation can run good , sustainable ( sustainably ) . Phase Control is also the end of an active involvement in the project team . What are the main steps in this phase ? Here’s the explanation :

Six Sigma Methodology : ANALYZE

Once we collect the data , visualize , and obtain baseline sigma level in the Measure phase , the next step is the Analyze phase . Goal in this phase we will analyze the root problem set ( x ‘s ) which have a significant influence on Y. Here are the main steps of the Analyze phase :

Reaching Excellence Through Six Sigma

What is six sigma ? Six sigma is a statistical concept that measures the error in relation to the process – at the level of six sigma , there were 3.4 failures for every one million opportunities . So for example , you produce 1 million of goods , then the defect is only 3.4 ! That means the percentage , we are working to achieve accuracy = 99.9997 % or nearly perfect Why companies need to apply six sigma . Of course this is because it can help companies to dramatically improve the quality of work , and in the end can increase revenues and lower costs of quality failure . For example , in the company of General Electric , Six Sigma add a turnover of more than $ 2 billion in 1999 alone . While in the company Motorola has achieved savings of more than $ 15 billion in the first 10 years the use of Six Sigma . Also on AlliedSignal companies that have reported savings of $ 1.5 billion through the Six Sigma program . Six Sigma process itself can be done through the following five stages . Ph

Sell Improvement In Employee Activity

We all must have been reading the news about how the world companies and shut downs because of the inability to survive . Nowadays , with increasingly fierce industry competition and the rapid flow of information , the customer has a lot of preference to choose the products they want So , with the above reasons organizations are competing to increase their competitiveness by implementing management systems improvements . However , as good as whatever system improvements that will be applied will not be successful if employees have not been convinced of the importance of these changes . As instigators of change for improvement in the organization , you will definitely find a common barriers faced , i.e. get others to ” buy ” program was initiated . The same question will always happen : What ‘s in it for me ? To be able to answer that question , here are tips for you : Do not use language aliens . As in the previous article , if your organization is not manufacturing or FDI from Japan ,

How could perform in a Company Efficiency quickly ?

How could perform in a Company Efficiency quickly ? In one improvement initiative known KAIZEN term which means continuous improvement. Basic essence of KAIZEN is : simple and immediately processed . KAIZEN is a key part of the implementation of Lean Six Sigma . So KAIZEN defined as remedial actions are carried out gradually and continuously , where the nature of the repair is simple and can be completed within a steps to be taken by the company when it will do KAIZEN is : Choose team . Each team consists of at least 3 people , where the people who know about the process , while the other two are people who are not familiar with the process. It could be the chosen supplier or customer processes are observed Teams are given a brief briefing that lasted 2-4 hours . This briefing is necessary to provide the basics , including how to do KAIZEN observe correct . This briefing aims also to get to know the team and the division of roles and responsibilities Team was asked to pe

Doing Efficiency in Six Sigma

If asked to many organizations , what purpose do the improvement initiative ? The answer is :

Why Organizations Need a Black Belt ?

Not different at the organizational level , the existence of a Black Belt is a guarantee of improved performance in the company . Black Belt is required , if the organization wants ” victory ” more significant , the size of a Black Belt success can be measured by the length of time it takes to get back to break-even investment , project completion rate , total and average value of financial completing Six Sigma projects , and average project completion time . These elements that are used to measure the extent of effectiveness of a mobilize of the Six Sigma program ( in this case Black Belt ) . The following are some of the advantages the organization has a Black Belt :

Kaizen in Six Sigma

In various forums , a lot of heated discussions about which is better Kaizen with Six Sigma ? In our opinion , the question is the same as when you asked nicer where the same hammer screwdriver ? Guns ‘ connect , because they are different their role . If you want apples . Where do you grab first ? If your answer is in the treetops we are not to blame , but the question is why did you bother to get on top of the fruit , but with less effort , you can get the apples on the bottom . The logic is that , once the existing finish on the bottom, then just go up to the top . Likewise, when you want to improve the performance of organizations , based on the economic principle of how with very little effort we benefit as much as possible . According to Masaaki Imai , Kaizen is the essence of simple and direct . Kaizen physical observation on the production floor , find opportunities for improvement , execution ! The focus of Kaizen is ” Do it! ” Kaizen is a pressure point that accelerated DMAIC

DFSS has the objective to determine the needs of the customer

Design For Six Sigma ( DFSS ) is a business process management methodology related to traditional Six Sigma . DFSS has the objective to determine the needs of the customer and the needs of the business as well as direct to the product , can constitute a solution . In addition it is also quite relevant to DFSS phase synthesis of complex systems or products , particularly in the context of the development of the system unprecedented . DFSS is also sometimes often equated with DMADV ( Define Measure Analyze Design Verify ) . In contrast to the DMAIC ( Define Analyze Improve Control ) traditional Six Sigma , DFSS or DMADV struggled to produce a process that previously did not exist or when an existing process is considered inadequate and should be replaced . DFSS aims to create a process that optimizes the efficiency of the method of creating a Six Sigma into the process before implementation , unlike traditional Six Sigma continuous improvement after doing this process occurs . Then how p

Qualifications and Competence of a Green Belt

A green belt is an employee of an organization that is equipped with improvement Six Sigma methodology and who will have responsibility for leading an improvement project. Unlike the Black Belt, Green Belt is not a dedicated full-time to work on improvement projects, and the scope of the project area is usually still in the work area. But in terms of qualifications and competence of a Green Belt is not inferior to a Black Belt. Together Black Belt, Green Belt is a change agent in the organization where he sheltered Here are eight main qualities of a green belt.

Cost Reduction with Lean Six Sigma

Along with the level of competition and the rapid flow of information , the law regarding the price has changed . If the first equation to determine the price is the cost of production plus a profit that we want . Example , if the cost of production of our products USD 100 and the profits to be taken by 10 % , then the price of our products is USD 100 + 10 % = USD 110 . Currently , pricing is no longer in the hands of manufacturers , but by the market . So the mathematical equation is the price – cost of production = profit . So , if the price for our product in the market 100 , then we need to push our production costs at least USD 99 , so that the profits of USD 1 . Profit factor that used to be free , now a dependent factor . In the practice of Lean Six Sigma , a formula for the price and profit – Profit = Cost of Production . This formula is well known in Lean Manufacturing . We have to design processes and products in order to enter into this cost range . The savings are not the s

A Green and Black Belts are required to master the Six Sigma methodology

In making six sigma as an initiative that entrenched in the organization needs the right infrastructure . Infrastructure here refers to the selection of the people who sit in the Six Sigma organization . As we know there are a few important roles to be possessed when we initiated the Six Sigma program , which are: Champion , Sponsor , Black Belt , Green Belt and team members . Our discussion this time will be more detail on the Black Belt and Green Belt . The term Black Belt was first introduced by Motorola , based on the expertise of someone who has a black belt karate are people who excel in their knowledge and qualified and are able to apply their knowledge in the real world . Later the term Green Belt at General Electric . Both Green Belt and Black Belt have differences and similarities . We will see in terms of the functions , responsibilities and qualifications. function

Learning Lean Six Sigma 's Branding

Same with programs or other methods , Lean Six Sigma has branding that is free to the public or communicated to the users . Many companies are actually implementing Lean Six Sigma , but not directly use the name of Lean Six Sigma . The term Lean Six Sigma itself is actually a new branding of some previous business improvement programs , such as Total Quality Management ( TQM ) . ? TQM Vs . Lean Six Sigma There is an assumption which says that Lean Six Sigma is ” old stuff in new packaging ” . May have a point , because clearly a Lean Six Sigma development and modern forms of the concept of Total Quality Management ( TQM ) . TQM which initially is a comprehensive quality management system , which once was a job that only the responsibility of the quality control department or operational , system improvements that now is the responsibility of all components in the company . But this time began to lose popularity because TQM concept can no longer be considered to satisfy the organization

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is not a new one there , but lean six sigma is a new way of doing the job . Lean Six Sigma is a refinement of the methods of repair were first born . Before discussing about the integration , we should know the difference between them in terms of focus , goals , focus , and methods.

What qualities are needed to become a Black Belt

To create a Six Sigma project to run smoothly and in accordance with the target takes a few professionals who have their respective roles . In the project level we know the Black Belt , Green Belt , Master Black Belt , and Team Members . In the organizational level there are champions and Sponsors. We will discuss each of them in a separate article , we will now focus on the Black Belt . What qualities are needed to become a Black Belt is reliable? Let us consider the following:

5 - Why Analysis

Why Analysis is a tool (tool) root cause analysis for problem solving. This tool helps to identify the root cause of a problem or discrepancy with the process or product. Why Analysis or 5 Why