Same with programs or other methods , Lean Six Sigma has branding that is free to the public or communicated to the users . Many companies are actually implementing Lean Six Sigma , but not directly use the name of Lean Six Sigma . The term Lean Six Sigma itself is actually a new branding of some previous business improvement programs , such as Total Quality Management ( TQM ) .

TQM Vs . Lean Six Sigma
There is an assumption which says that Lean Six Sigma is ” old stuff in new packaging ” . May have a point , because clearly a Lean Six Sigma development and modern forms of the concept of Total Quality Management ( TQM ) .
TQM which initially is a comprehensive quality management system , which once was a job that only the responsibility of the quality control department or operational , system improvements that now is the responsibility of all components in the company . But this time began to lose popularity because TQM concept can no longer be considered to satisfy the organization running it . TQM slowly begins to wear out ; deemed no longer relevant to the modern business world .
At the same time , the modern business world requires organizations to constantly look for ways to survive (sustainable ) , increase profit ( profitable ) , capable of satisfying its customers , and has a better cost structure . These objectives are to be pursued by way of continuously improving the quality of products , quality processes , and systems . Due to the increasing need, TQM underwent many changes and modifications . Contents , concepts , and guidelines TQM menalami lot of fixes and adjustments . Regardless of TQM concepts are very broad , modification and modernization of TQM was the one that we are currently familiar with Lean Six Sigma .

Lean Six Sigma Branding
Lean Six Sigma is a branding program for continuous improvement involving change agents with the ability to problem solving and project management are high . This program serves to translate the company’s main agenda projects , and facilitated by emphasizing the use of a structured methodology to the language understood by everyone . In other words , Lean Six Sigma is one prorgam a clear improvement to the infrastructure and can be applied in company with the scale and complexity of the size scale .
Programs such as Lean Six Sigma is always priced at one thing , namely CHANGE ( change) . This is what makes the program improvement are always impressed scary . But proper branding can reduce the intensity of concern and will increase the interest of the employees in the company .
For example , if we give the title of ” Project Efficiency ” or ” Cost Reduction ” , there will be a group of employees who will feel threatened to lose his position in the company , and this sort of thing will lead to resistance or even a negative reaction from them . That’s why branding is important to a point .
Interestingly, the name of Lean Six Sigma sometimes seem scary, because it is identical to the giant corporations. Many imagine that this program is very complicated and complex , full of troublesome statistics, and only suitable for large companies . That’s why companies end up using a lot of different branding for Lean Six Sigma, replace it with another name that seemed much simpler .