Once we managed to determine that the problem will be completed , the next step is MEASURE . The purpose of this phase is to establish the baseline of the project so that we can accurately compare the results of this project will repair .
The main activity in this phase
Mapping the process – after we identify limitations in the scope of the project SIPOC , the next step is to map the process in more detail . This step is important to determine the constraint , value , non – value – add , and areas of focus for improvement . From here we can identify quick wins that are found by eliminating waste in the process . Tool commonly used to map this process is Value stream mapping
Determining size – the size of y and x – identify measures that need to be collected in the expected output , the core processes that create output , and input rather than the process . This needs to be done to help identify the root of the problem
Plan for data retrieval – After getting the Y and X , the team planned data collection . It is important to remember in this data collection is the kind of data that will be taken , because the effect on the amount of sampling techniques and appropriate . Besides identifying who is entitled to do the sampling .
Validation of measurement systems – systems that are not precise measurements will lead to bias the results , it is necessary to validate the measurement system . Is the measurements we have now accurate in providing information , both for y and x . Tools commonly used is the MSA
Collecting the data – after no clear planning and valid measurement system , the team collected data as a baseline . Data is usually described in the form of graphs that facilitate us in getting the appropriate information . Tools commonly used are : control charts , capability analysis , sigma level .
Project Charter – update update the data on project charter if there is a change .
Measure Gate Review – Meeting with the Project Sponsor , Business Leadership , and other stakeholders to ensure alignment of project focus and expectations of management and approval of the teams indicated baseline .