There is fear in the employees when the organization announced it would run a Six Sigma program . This occurs due to fear failure to understand the definition and implementation of Six Sigma goals of the organization .
This is further compounded because many organizations are implementing Six Sigma in times of crisis , not infrequently also organizations implement Six Sigma as a justification for cutting costs , including resources about six sigma negative manusia.Stigma inherent in the minds of the employees implicated in the emergence of resistance , moral decline employees , and counterproductive .
Well let ‘s look at an example below :

If the HR manager saw that the overtime rate / high employee overtime . Then want to make improvements to the ” using ” Six Sigma methodology to reduce the overtime costs . I wonder what the title of improvement initiatives ?

If you answered “Reduce Overtime Cost” can be sure that you are not yet accurate enough to understand Six Sigma . The goal of Six Sigma is how we can meet customer expectations . So the focus is on the customer and what he wants . Who is the customer ? Customers here include external customers and internal customers ( employees ) . Meet the customer another one on the other side of miserable customers clearly not the goal of Six Sigma . Is like to take an apple in the tree tops by way of cutting down the tree .
Back to the title of the project , when the objective is to reduce the cost of overtime , then the action will focus on how to spin unpaid overtime costs . Where should the focus of why we are going overtime ? Overtime may occur due to production planning management that is not good . Then to Improve Production Planning and Control of the supply of goods and inventory , we can meet customer demand on time and right amount ( external customer satisfaction ) without forcing employees mengorbanan time and energy to go the extra mile ( internal customer satisfaction ) .
Six Sigma is a proven methodology to conduct performance improvement company , but when used as a Six Sigma initiative to cut costs , this program will someday die , because we will arrive at a point where no further charges can be pressed . Six Sigma initiatives should be used to catch up and meet the customer , because the customer is the relative nature and the revenue is not bounded , then you will not run out of ideas to make improvements and most importantly, do not torment employee