Home-style industry is a home-based small company that is now emerging. This work could be used as a side job or a permanent job. Taking advantage of labor around, can make us open up new job opportunities for those who need a job.
With capital skills and expertise we can establish and build industry itself, as well as do it yourself. Until later we can widen their marketing and recruitment efforts by holding local residents.
For those of you who want and will set up a home industry, following several references home industry that is lightweight and easy to be done by anyone:
? Screen Printing in various fields.
? Various wedding souvenir.
Wedding party has its unit price is relatively cheap, but it is never a little souvenir orders and continue to exist.
? Recycling of office waste.
Office waste can be recycled office waste into wrapping paper, printing paper or decorative products.
? Recycling factory waste.
By working closely with our factory is going to get a uniform material and color production. Of the various biases discussed the plastic we use and creations into useful items and helpful
? Create a variety of accessories made ??from organic
? Marketing the local specialties
By way of the creation of local traditional foods become more appealing food and market it directly or through a virtual world and social media.
? Installing sequins
Hopefully the various examples above home industry can open up your creative idea to set up a home industry that will benefit many people.