The company is a form of business entity by the number of employees and great products. Government also has a policy of its own to be the establishment of a company.
In Indonesia is now widely established firms. And here is a wide-ranged companies:
1 Sole Proprietorship
Traits – traits
1 Held individual (individual or family company)
2 The management simple
3 Capital is not too large relative
4 Continuity of business depends on the owner
2. firm
Traits – traits
1 Member firms usually know each other and trust each other
2. firm agreement can be made ??before a notary public or under the hand
3 Using common names in the business activities
4 The existence of responsibility and risk of loss are not limited to, profit or loss will be shared
3 Company Commanditaire (CV)
The characteristics:
1. founded and owned by two or more
2 The parties in the CV as a leader, manager and person in charge of the company (the owner is active).
3 other parties in CV just put venture capital, only responsible for uatang-debt capital supplied by the company (owner passive)
4. Limited Liability Company (PT)
Traits – traits
1 Liability limited to capital without involving personal property
2 Capital and the size of a large company
3 Survival of PT is in the hands of shareholders
4 Advantages distributed to shareholders / shares in the form of dividends
5. ownership is changing hands
Kind of – kind of a Limited Liability Company in Indonesia
1 PT Closed
Is a limited liability company whose shares can only be owned by certain people who have been determined and does not accept investors from outside the easy, on paper stock which is written the name of the owner of shares that are not easily transferable to another person or party.
2 PT Open
PT is the type in which the company shares may be purchased and owned by all people without exception so it is very easy to be sold to the public.
3 PT Domestic
PT is standing and running operations in the country according to the rules in force in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.
4 PT Foreign
PT is established in another country with rules and laws that apply in the country where the PT was founded.
5. PT Individuals
PT is the only issued shares are owned by one person alone. People who master these shares also acting or serving as a director of the company.
6 General PT / PT Public
PT is a free stock ownership by anyone and are also listed on the stock exchange.
5.-Owned Enterprises (SOEs)
Traits – traits
1 Supervision is done, both functionally and hierarchically performed by government
2 full power in running the business activities are in the hands of government
3 All of the risk occurring is the sole responsibility of government
4 Serve the public interest or public service
5. stabilizer is one of the State’s economy
6 Capital is wholly owned by the state of state assets set aside
7 Government loans in the form of bonds
8 Capital is also obtained from foreign aid
9 When you make a profit, it is utilized for the welfare of the people
6 Cooperative
Principle – the principle of cooperation
1 Membership is voluntary
2 Membership is open
3 Development of members
4 The identity as the owner and the customer
5. management and democratic supervision is conducted
6. Cooperatives as a collection of people – those
7 Capital relating to the social aspects not shared
8 The economic efficiency of the cooperative enterprise
9. association with voluntary
10 Freedom in decision making and goal setting
11. fair and equitable distribution of economic outcomes will
12. Education members
7 foundation
From a variety of companies above, you can make a runway when it will set up a business. Afterwards, you ask permission to the authorities and local residents for smooth business.