A production certainly requires good management, control, and structured to produce the best product quality. Due to production is an important process to produce the product, its presence led to the existence of a variety of methods to be used. Various methods and even then tested by entrepreneurs to improve their production. And of these methods there is one best method for the production, which is “Lean Manufacturing”
Lean Manufacturing is a methodology with a focus on the use of production practices and empowering resources by eliminating waste (waste) that occur in the production process. Here are the basic principles of Lean Manufacturing:
1 Provide value in accordance with the needs and demands of customers.
2 Identify the VALUE STREAM for each product / service.
3 Create a process flow into a routine and continuous phases.
4 Apply a full system in the production process.
5. Do it consistently in order to reach a perfect process.
In addition to the above basic principles, there are also important issues that must be considered for the customer satisfaction. And according glasses customers, it is important it is 7 kinds of waste that commonly occur and must be to be eliminated, including: