The layout is the layout of the factory or in the factory layout on how the placement of production facilities to facilitate the production process effectively and efficiently. Such facilities may include machines, means of production, material transport equipment, and manufacturing equipment, as well as equipment needed in supervision.
In the preparation of plant layout also there are rules that must be obeyed. The rules are basic principle as follows:
1 in total integration of the factors of production of all the factors that affect the production process into one great organization.
2 The minimum distance the material removal untu save time displacement.
3 Materials should expedite the flow of work, sought to avoid turning movement (back tracking), motion cut (cross movement), and motion loss (congestion).
4 Must pay attention to satisfaction and safety in order to provide a pleasant working atmosphere.
5. flexibility to be able to anticipate changes in technology, communications, and consumer needs.
After structuring the plant has been carried out as principle, a new arrangement of a warehouse with several types of the following:
a. warehouse transit
Usually consists of a roofed barns are provided in addition to or directly adjacent to the port facilities to protect against stock-weather inventory in the process of loading and unloading.
b. Utility Warehouse
Multipurpose warehouses can be either multistory buildings primarily depends on the restrictions on the basic space agency specialized storage.
c. Warehouse airtight
Air deposition is the most powerful way to store all sorts of stuff so durable and power use is increasing.
d. Cold storage (with air condition setting)
Cold storage built with roof and side walls end wall that is used to store perishable goods. This warehouse is usually divided into two different rooms ie rooms cool and freeze.
e. dry tank
Tank used for storing dry goods or equipment that require a longer period or the goods that will be used a few years later after the date of storage.
f. Fireproof storage warehouse (hot)
This place used to store materials that are very flammable, such as: paints, and other types of oil.
g. Eskimo hut (Igloo)
Loom is a kind of Eskimo powder magazine which is usually made of concrete walls with a dome-shaped roof under the soil. In the hut-hut tools are well ventilated though not regulated by means of temperature control (heating / cooling).
Two of the above arrangement is very important to do. It aims to minimize costs and increase efficiency in the setting of all production facilities and work areas, as well as existing products in the warehouse. So that the production process and the process can run smoothly through the warehouse. Efficiency can be achieved with lower production costs and transportation.