Management is like a foundation to run a business. Various management system can be done and always improved every year. By good management companies, an effort that could continue to rise. Following seven management system framework:
1 Strategic Measurement Analysis and Reporting Technique (SMART)
2 Performance Measurement Questionnaire (PMQ)
3 Performance for World Class Manufacturing (PWCM)
4 Quantum Performance Measurement Model (QPMM)
5. The Balanced Scorecard (BSC)
6 Integrated Performance Measurement Systems (IPMS)
7 Performance Prism
After the above frameworks are formed, it’s time to do business wheel according to the principles and standardization efforts to support the advancement and development of a company. Standardization that include:
1 Keywords: Mature
2 Qualified Human Resources, Loyal, and Prosperous
3 Open Manager, Decisive, and Democrats
4 Comfortable Working Environment and Support
5. Open and Always Learning
While the principle in the form:
1 Work hard
2 Work good
3 Work fair
If all of the above has been accomplished, the business must run Managemenet with the following standards:
1 Management of production
Handle arrangement and related planning and availability of raw materials in order to manage the production process is progressing well and is able to produce a product or service that is in demand by consumers.
2 Marketing Management
Management in marketing planning, shape, targets and objectives and outcomes of a sale. Without a good marketing management, then a company will experience difficult conditions in terms of revenue or income earned. A marketing manager must be reliable, creative and innovative.
3. distribution management
Management in the delivery of goods production or services to consumers. Passage of a marketing management must be supported by the passage of this management.
4 Financial Management
Transparency concerning the financial management and the management of a company’s financial circulation. Which regulates corporate financial management so that they can be distributed in accordance with the budget they have.
Some of the above discussion is the important points of the management of an enterprise so that businesses can be run well and moving forward.