How could perform in a Company Efficiency quickly ?
In one improvement initiative known KAIZEN term which means continuous improvement. Basic essence of KAIZEN is : simple and immediately processed . KAIZEN is a key part of the implementation of Lean Six Sigma . So KAIZEN defined as remedial actions are carried out gradually and continuously , where the nature of the repair is simple and can be completed within a steps to be taken by the company when it will do KAIZEN is :
Choose team . Each team consists of at least 3 people , where the people who know about the process , while the other two are people who are not familiar with the process. It could be the chosen supplier or customer processes are observed
Teams are given a brief briefing that lasted 2-4 hours . This briefing is necessary to provide the basics , including how to do KAIZEN observe correct . This briefing aims also to get to know the team and the division of roles and responsibilities
Team was asked to perform field observations to identify the direct and value-added processes and which are not . To facilitate the team usually given stock camera recorder . Examples of eligible processes observed ( recorded is ) :