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Totoya Production System: Automation Answer all Change of Demand

Coordination between market research with the production is very important. However market demand must be adjusted to production capacity. The market is very difficult to predict, to the maturity of research to provide valid data on production capacity anticipated to be very important. Automation is one way to answer all that. Automation in addition to providing products with a fast time is also anticipated to jump in demand for goods. JIT is a principle held by Toyota in manufacturing activity. With autonomation system and automation engine then JIT product delivery on schedule and on time will be easily achieved.

Toyota Production System: Reduction of Costs Through Labor Reduction

Sensors that detect the product being run will greatly assist the work of man. For example, sensors connected to monitors and monitors are equipped with automatic recording of data stored in computer memory. All runs automatically. Therefore, the presences of such a worker automation system only check the data and analyze the data provided by the machine. That way the work should be done by several workers can be replaced with 1 worker only, and even then performed at the end of the lot. Thus when it is running the engine A and the machine is running automatically, then the worker is able to run the machine B. Automatic termination of a defective product will occur occasionally in the work cycle. If there is defective then the task of workers just check the type of defective and to take action and run it again. The machine will run automatically again.

Toyota Production System: Automation and Autonomation A Technique to Detect and Improve Defect Production

What is Jidoka? In the world of manufacturing, we are often familiar with the term Jidoka, let alone a company that reference the Japanese manufacturing system. In this case, Toyota is the pioneer of the implementation of an integrated system with the aim of increasing profits and reducing waste. The system is known as the Toyota Production System. Jidoka could mean changing the automation of manual systems into automated system. Just simply press the “start” automatic machine can produce by itself. Jidoka also could mean that control is automatically disabled. To distinguish the two meanings jidoka Toyota calls the second meaning is Jidoka Ninben-No-aru “or literal translation, automation with human reason Both automation and autonomation is a technique to detect and repair defective production of defects and always include a mechanism to detect defective and the mechanism to stop the line or in case of defective machines.

Occurrence of Nonconforming Product

Error incompatibility product of demand in the process of sell orders, it is often the case. But this would be disastrous to the company itself if often occur and cause the same. One of the main causes of the occurrence of nonconforming product is excess stock that is in store as well as in production. As an example of product which has a resistor the same shape and size in different specifications. Visually similar circumstances and conditions are only differentiated by the writings of the label. It requires precision to determine which products will be shipped to the customer.

Standardization Lines

Giving the line very effectively used to set limits because it would easily known by everyone just by looking at a glance. The line here will provide security to areas that are safe and dangerous. several examples can be described as below: The dividing line is drawn with white paint or vinyl tape path and the path divides the workplace, so the plant can be maintained high level of security. The lines were also used to indicate the location of the storage cart, product in process, malls, equipment and utensil cleaning.

Minimize the Use of Space with Containers

Lean manufacturing is very concerned with the use of space as efficiently as possible. Any use of one square meter must be accounted for in terms of efficiency, usefulness and economic value. Containers, packaging materials are intended to make it more concise and easier in the arrangement. Containers can be easily stacked vertically and horizontally to fill the space effectively. The use of containers also facilitate the production operators to pick up and put the items accurately and quickly.

Visualization Seiton

Seiton Visualization is an important part in the 5S lean manufacturing efforts. Visualization intention here to make a bookmark label goods stored in the workplace. Labeling step is to show clearly where the position, what is the name of the goods and how many material goods so that the description could easily be known. Seiton visually allows to easily identify and retrieve the goods, tools and materials, and easily restore it to a location near the place of use. Bookmark label used to facilitate the placement and retrieval of materials is required.


The red tags are made in accordance with the information needs to be provided. This standard must be agreed by all members of the production, management and everything associated with the production process. Basic information that should be written is the product name, product type, quantity, lot size and the reason is removed. Making Red Tags for marking unused, the model can be varied and modified according to need. But most important are:


Determination of the object to be on the label The object will be labeled must be known by all employees with the training and practice in advance directly at their respective working places. Goods / material that needs to be set and the labels are the stocks which includes materials, WIP, parts, semi-finished products and finished products. Machinery equipment include machinery, pallet, trains, malls, tooling, trolley, cutting tools, furniture, prints etc. Include floor space, aisle, shelf and warehouse.


Unused material will hamper production if allowed to accumulate in the production area. This buildup can lead to further waste, decreased productivity, decreased quality, delivery on time, workers’ mess around with piles of garbage and so forth. Therefore, the management must promptly take measures to anticipate the wastage in the company. Red Tags in the company often used to mark the wastage and show items that do not use during production and then throw it away. Labeling steps known as the Red Tags project

Seiri Visual Control

Gradually lean 5S of manufacturing should be indicated both visually and standard operational activities. Shown with the working procedures Activities to get rid of goods that are not needed should be indicated in writing in the work procedures to ensure employees follow these rules. Working procedures which are intended operation instruction, work operation and so on. Work instructions are installed in place that is easy to read. Can be installed above the work table, suspended above the machine so far does not interfere with engine operation

5S Campaign to Build Mindset

5S campaign in the industry really is not just a regulation issued by the company to comply by its employees. But more than that is a moral movement devoted to education, habituation of employees, discipline and build the mindset of all the component companies. This mindset in the wake of all good company level managers to its lowest level in the company. Development mindset in lean manufacturing 5S is not only done at the time the company suffered a setback in the field of profit but also is done continuously and sustainably in any condition. Establishing this awareness begins by giving understanding to employees through training in the classroom, and continued training on sustainable workplaces.

5S: Basic activity for improvement

5s for improvement In the factory there are various opportunities that are often forgotten, which has tremendous profit potential. This activity can reduce the Defective Product, operating efficiency, the raw materials that are not excessive and timely delivery. Various opportunities are referred to wastage or the Japanese language called “MUDA”. MUDA will lead to waste in terms of manpower, time spending money, information etc. Activities are often ignored if the company in a state of profitable, so the small things about the behavior of employees in the factory are not closely monitored.