Unused material will hamper production if allowed to accumulate in the production area. This buildup can lead to further waste, decreased productivity, decreased quality, delivery on time, workers’ mess around with piles of garbage and so forth. Therefore, the management must promptly take measures to anticipate the wastage in the company.

Red Tags in the company often used to mark the wastage and show items that do not use during production and then throw it away. Labeling steps known as the Red Tags project

There are two types of activities to implement this project which is red tags to each workplace that is done each day and red tags for the entire company that performed at least twice a year. Red tags projects throughout the company is similar to a major cleanup usually be done in Japanese households at the end of each year. For this project the enthusiasm of top management is needed. Corporate leaders need to be a project leader of the red tags. With the enthusiasm of the top leaders who will plunge into the field of this red label the campaign will not be in vain, because all components of the company’s premises will follow this activity is also enthusiastic.

The aim of this project is to sort the items will be removed, whether the waste should be disposed in place, only complains removed because still can be recycled or resold, or items hazardous chemicals if disposed of carelessly, and so forth.