Seiton Visualization is an important part in the 5S lean manufacturing efforts. Visualization intention here to make a bookmark label goods stored in the workplace. Labeling step is to show clearly where the position, what is the name of the goods and how many material goods so that the description could easily be known. Seiton visually allows to easily identify and retrieve the goods, tools and materials, and easily restore it to a location near the place of use. Bookmark label used to facilitate the placement and retrieval of materials is required.

Important steps before Seiton given a visual bookmark is as follows:
1. Determine the overall placement of goods
2. Prepare a container used to store goods
3. Each item is determined position
4. Shows all the codes and amounts
5. Determining the position of the room / the things that is easy to reach by the operator
6. Training and training and awareness to make a habit Seiton with reference to the concept 3F

Bookmark stuff, code, number of goods will make the job easier and faster. With employee awareness 5S lean manufacturing will gradually be achieved.