Error incompatibility product of demand in the process of sell orders, it is often the case. But this would be disastrous to the company itself if often occur and cause the same. One of the main causes of the occurrence of nonconforming product is excess stock that is in store as well as in production.

As an example of product which has a resistor the same shape and size in different specifications. Visually similar circumstances and conditions are only differentiated by the writings of the label. It requires precision to determine which products will be shipped to the customer.

Well, here’s the problem. If there is over production and the increasingly chaotic conditions of store with a pile of stuff that is almost the same shape and size, how many workers are given the task to select the goods to be shipped. To think about, if human labor is a mainstay then caused by human error will often occur.

Of errors in managing lean manufacturing and 5S is then what happens is the customer’s trust will decline and if there are claims and demands of customers will really hurt the company.