Determination of the object to be on the label
The object will be labeled must be known by all employees with the training and practice in advance directly at their respective working places. Goods / material that needs to be set and the labels are the stocks which includes materials, WIP, parts, semi-finished products and finished products.

Machinery equipment include machinery, pallet, trains, malls, tooling, trolley, cutting tools, furniture, prints etc. Include floor space, aisle, shelf and warehouse.

Determination of criteria for labeling
Sometimes it is difficult to determine what materials are not needed, because the specific criteria that must be made to clarify the boundaries of material required and the goods are not required. Sometimes the work equipment in a specific period is not required but the future is required. While Seiri activities conducted, for the weekly period of the goods to be used in a short time. For the production of material adapted to adjust production schedules and existing conditions. Its important to avoid the WIP in the production line.

Label Preparation
although difficult to determine the items to be labeled, but the red tags shall be installed. All items are labeled red will be grouped and evaluated once again before removed

A management staff member to do labeling. They can assess the situation more objectively than the person directly in charge of the relevant workplace.

Evaluation of the goods at the label and recommended action
Preparations of the seals were classified into four groups: defective goods, die stocks, goods and materials held up the rest. At this stage, Defective stock and die stock (the old model is not used anymore) should be discarded, GBP services will allow you to learn that retained goods(excess supply) should be moved to the barn red tag, you can visit their website and learn the best ways tag the products. The remaining material should be checked if it still can be used. Time can not be used discarded, while the spare parts that can still be used where the label is placed in the red.