5S campaign in the industry really is not just a regulation issued by the company to comply by its employees. But more than that is a moral movement devoted to education, habituation of employees, discipline and build the mindset of all the component companies. This mindset in the wake of all good company level managers to its lowest level in the company.

Development mindset in lean manufacturing 5S is not only done at the time the company suffered a setback in the field of profit but also is done continuously and sustainably in any condition. Establishing this awareness begins by giving understanding to employees through training in the classroom, and continued training on sustainable workplaces.

Regulation is a statement of the rules, work procedures to be followed by all employees, if the violation will be given a sanction in accordance with the violations are made. But unlike the 5S campaign, its primary purpose is to form a broad awareness to all employees to make 5S as a culture, and customs. Not depressed because there 5S make a conscious but do not an obligation for employers monitored.

Build awareness and mindset of the 5S, require a long time and investment. But if it is running will be very cheap and have a significant effect on the quality and productivity.