Gradually lean 5S of manufacturing should be indicated both visually and standard operational activities.

Shown with the working procedures
Activities to get rid of goods that are not needed should be indicated in writing in the work procedures to ensure employees follow these rules. Working procedures which are intended operation instruction, work operation and so on.
Work instructions are installed in place that is easy to read. Can be installed above the work table, suspended above the machine so far does not interfere with engine operation

Material Classification
The classification is done so the goods can be correctly identified both material used and who did not. This can be done immediately so that appropriate action. Materials that are still in use is placed in a place that has been available and used materials that are not immediately removed and placed in a special place.

Giving Labels
Materials that have been classified should be labeled so easily identified and each person understand and take action against such material. This labeling must be standardized in the company and agreed by all employees in the company.