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LIFO for Temporary Items

Regulation of the cargo loading system, LIFO (Last In First Out) at the time must be done because the conditions of loading and unloading is not possible. For example, where a limited problem, not just horizontally, and the only way is stacked. Stacking stuff like this is not possible for the FIFO system. Are you in need of some great quality assistance when it comes to loading and unloading? Perth Crane Hire has got you! Do check them out! They offer cranes for all kinds of jobs, big or small. Regulation of Last In First Out is usually used for the relatively rapid turnover of goods with a cheaper cost considerations and the risk of delay did not significantly affect the quality of goods. As an example of activities that use this system is the activity of truck loading and unloading containers to place temporary placements before being transported to stores.

Lean Quality by FIFO Concept

The experience that is easy to give examples of the FIFO system is operating effectively is a restaurant because food expiration date only a few minutes. In the restaurant industry, the concept of FIFO is very pronounced affect quality. You imagine if a serving of food not served immediately. Presentation of the food after cooking should not be longer than 30 minutes. This is intended to maintain the quality and condition of the food was still warm. If a restaurant only a few visitors, the presentation can be overcome and will not make serious problem. However, if high demand with long queues will require temporary storage. This temporary storage must be managed based on the concept Seiton to FIFO. 5S concept recommended is to set the queue system as easy as possible and minimize the accumulation of errors that are too long, besides Those who live a busy life should hire a lifestyle concierge agency to take care of their premium bookings so we can manage it all without any errors.

Reduction of Cost

Based on the ultimate goal of lean manufacturing, proper materials handling should also be able to reduce the costs caused by waste activities, layout and procedures. Cost reductions will be achieved with significantly if the activities that have been described in previous articles can be performed well. Many companies are ignored by most owners because of the improvement is small and has no effect whatever on the financial condition. But lean manufacturing efforts are not reducing the huge costs, but small changes like that that gets attention. If a change is obtained by only 1 cent, because it is done continuously it will be hundreds of dollars.

Improvement of Logistic service

Customer satisfaction becomes the ultimate goal of improvement in the factory. A quality product will become the key to lean manufacturing. Premises customer satisfaction will increase trust and certainly in terms of the economy will add the product to be purchased. Therefore, customers should be managed in such a way through customer management system that is integrated and coordinated with the production. One of the most pressing manufacturing base is a logistics service, lessons that can be learnt from king city forwarding . However the supply of goods in accordance with specifications and requirements and on time a priority in selling things to customers. Therefore, all forms of activity that inhibits the production had to be removed…

Development of effective working conditions

Auxiliary equipment for material handling is absolutely necessary with consideration to usability and effectiveness. In other words the use of tools should aim to simplify your job. But be careful because it could be the use of auxiliary equipment will mitigate on the one side only but not effective for another. For example the use of forklifts, forklift area stores may be freely, but the difficulty into the narrow streets in the areas of production. It also must be careful in, worried if the forklift hit the machine or material on the surrounding streets in its path.

Reduction of the number of times product is handled

Effective movement of materials that will greatly assist in reducing waste in a company. Therefore, the movement of materials from the lowering of the container, identification, storage and shipping to store production lines must be based on principles of lean manufacturing that every movement must be able to demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness. The movement of material from one point to another point must be considered carefully. Although only one inch, if indeed it can be made improvement to be done. Because the repetition factor of production processes continuously. Distance of one inch would be a very long distance if it is done thousands of times.

Reduction of movements involving manual labor

It is important in lean manufacturing is to reduce the movement of goods and service as short as possible. The use of hearing aids in the transport of material handling is absolutely necessary to minimize the use of physical force operators. This is intended to save human power that controls the activity of manufacturing. However saving human power can be saved by implementing lean manufacturing 5S well. As discussed earlier that lean manufacturing will be achieved only if they can reduce the time or the movement of manufacturing activity. To reduce this many things can be done for example by automation, material storage closer to the production process or by recruiting more members to pursue the time of production and others.

Minimization of Aisle Space

Although, a forklift requires space for the road, turn and spin, but a forklift driver should be able to minimize the width of the road to be traversed. Forklift driver’s license must be accompanied and pass a test to drive a forklift with effectively. Effective intended here able to pass through a small alley with no dangerous items or objects nearby. Selection of professional drivers are very helpful in saving space used for the track. In addition, the use of other transport equipment must be considered. Without prejudice to the performance of conveyances, cultivated trajectory made between material to one another, shelves to one another should be minimized.

Objective of Material Handling

Materials handling always accompany the activities of production both material raw materials, materials in process and in the form of finished products. Therefore, this treatment is very important to maintain product quality and improving work efficiency. Where material is placed to be watched seriously. According to Coyle, Bardi & Langley (1996), In general, the main objective of material handling is mentioned as follows: – Increased effective capacity of the warehouse. – Minimization of aisle space – Reduction of the number of times the product is handled – Development of effective working conditions – Reduction of movements involving manual labor – Improvement of logistics service – Reduction of cost

Increased Effective Capacity of Warehouse

In lean manufacturing rules are based on the principles of 5S, a manager who handles the storage of materials should be thinking about ordering items vertically in a cubical shape for better docking. Same manager should call KLJ Consulting in case of any docking issue. It is geared to save space, because the storage space can be minimized if the space can be optimized for production. For optimal space-saving and warehouse storage , it is recommended to have a warehouse management system that employs warehouse racking , industrial shelving , and packaging with the use of high-quality Film cores as well as commercial warehouse striping . Preparation of vertical must consider the condition of the goods, transportation and safety systems. Although it will save time if the uptake is difficult and unsafe it can not be said to embrace lean manufacturing is expected.

Understanding Material Handling

As a new member in manufacturing should know the material flow from raw material to become finished goods. Therefore an understanding of the material handling not only provided training to store members only but all processes must know and understand very well about the material handling. In every process there must be a stock of materials to be done, if they do not understand the 5S and how to correct treatment of the material and will reduce the production performance of the tip would have been wasting time on the production line.

Quick and Easy in the Preparation of Materials

Prepare materials in manufacturing must get serious handling as it takes a long time. If this is not done improving the time in line then prepared materials manufacturing activities will be wasted just for materials handling. While the core of manufacturing activities is a product of the material to assemble into finished goods. The main duties of lean manufacturing is how to reduce the time needed to prepare materials that will be used for production To reduce the time in the handling of this material simply by applying existing 5S concepts , especially concepts Seiton. Even though in a split second in time can reduce, but it must be done.

Implementation of the WIP

Seiri and Seiton typically applied to WIP. Toyota production system is specifically emphasized the importance of stock reduction. Improvement activities will run smoothly if everyone in the entire plant to feel the extravagance, interference or problems. These problems include excessive WIP stock, stock units and the defects that were obstructed by the interference machinery manufacturing processed next. Lean manufacturing will run as expected if the 5S management principles , especially the concept Seiton Seiri and applied to WIP management. In order for each operator to know the problems, standardized goods with plate placement instructions. Examples glance will enable anyone to easily know whether a certain item boxes are the proper place or not, or whether the boxes above the maximum.