Effective movement of materials that will greatly assist in reducing waste in a company. Therefore, the movement of materials from the lowering of the container, identification, storage and shipping to store production lines must be based on principles of lean manufacturing that every movement must be able to demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness.

The movement of material from one point to another point must be considered carefully. Although only one inch, if indeed it can be made improvement to be done. Because the repetition factor of production processes continuously. Distance of one inch would be a very long distance if it is done thousands of times.

Important things you can do to reduce the movement of material:

– Create a storage place as close as possible to the loading bay which is where loading and unloading of materials.

– The store immediately conduct the data collection materials to be stored in the store, with the intention of the material does not need to park in the loading bay area. The officer can bring immediate loading and unloading of materials from the container directly to storage.

– Coordinate all production lines in order to minimize the movement of materials. Especially the number of moves starting from loading bay to get into the production process. Coordination here involves transfer of authority from the official line of one to the other line. There must be no misunderstanding and no coordination haulage system.

    Lean manufacturing requires the coordination of mutual support between production lines. Therefore it needs to be socialized by training, not only for internal briefings for one section, but of the whole member companies..