Prepare materials in manufacturing must get serious handling as it takes a long time. If this is not done improving the time in line then prepared materials manufacturing activities will be wasted just for materials handling. While the core of manufacturing activities is a product of the material to assemble into finished goods.

The main duties of lean manufacturing is how to reduce the time needed to prepare materials that will be used for production To reduce the time in the handling of this material simply by applying existing 5S concepts, especially concepts Seiton. Even though in a split second in time can reduce, but it must be done.

Things to consider in reducing the time in preparation of materials:

– Location of the material close to the production line. This has been discussed in previous articles whose content is efficiently placing material in the space available
with the aim of member stores can quickly find and prepare materials to be used for manufacturing processes

– Create a system that still adopts a buildup of the FIFO, for example by making the racks that have a wheel of each level, so that goods can be moved easily.

– Determining the kind of vehicles that gasket suitable for taking and placing of goods. This should be adjusted to the condition of the goods, the condition of existing space and trajectory. Does using the trolley, forklift and the like.

– Create a path that could accelerate the course of transportation of goods keeping in mind the kind of vehicles that will be used and also the efficiency of existing space. Not attempted to make transportation is hampered by the narrow passage, or waste of space for security reasons. Although both are very important but sought an appropriate size to accommodate both.

That is what is expected from the concept of lean manufacturing. As described above, security and optimization of work space to look for the best path, the optimal size in order not to hurt each other. The point is 5s management should still be included in the material handling to achieve optimal conditions in order to lean manufacturing